YouTube: mono saved his friend and the world admires

The world has fallen in love with a monkey ‘hero’ who risked his life to save his friend, who was unconscious on the tracks after electrocuted by a cable. The fact was caught on video then posted on YouTube.

According to The Telegraph, the curious incident occurred last Saturday at the train station in the city of Kanpur, India.

(The clip on YouTube )

In the recording of YouTube you can see how the little ape about their fallen amid the railroad tracks and partner tries to revive hitting, biting and even throwing water.

In the video for Youtube is the attitude worried primate, which is by all means waking your partner.

The situation ended after 20 minutes, when electrocuted monkey began to show signs of life.

It is difficult to estimate the popularity of video on YouTube. Hours after the first media began to spread the weekend, dozens of versions of it scattered over the web, each adding thousands of views. But we think that the owner of the video may buy safe youtube views.

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