Yoga, the best exercise to relax with animals

In the first week you can begin to see results, but without doubt the greatest benefit is the relaxation that provides. 

I did my first month doing yoga! It has been complicated, challenging and very motivating. After never having gone to a gym, I can say that I lost the fear and the laziness for which I did not dare to go. 

I think a lot in the time that I did not do any exercise and I spent hours sitting, but now the best thing I can do is not to abandon my routine. The body truly appreciates it.

In the Energy Fitness challenge I am doing three types of yoga: vinyasa, hatha and of the wall. Today I want to tell you a little more about the so-called kurunta yoga and some of the benefits. It is practiced with belts that are secured to the wall and that will be your support for almost all the postures that you do.

Each posture is a challenge as they require a lot of strength, concentration, work your body and know what you can do.

Among the benefits of the wall, although they are actually yoga in general, are:

- Relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs

- It improves your digestion. Before I started practicing yoga burn review I had some non-serious digestive problems, which have now disappeared. It is not about magic, but about the changes I made in my diet, which consisted of drinking more water, stopping eating excess fat, and reducing junk food intake. Exercise made my metabolism better.

- It relaxes the body and the mind and motivates you to take on new challenges. I wanted to cry when I realized that I was terrified of holding my head in a belt, but I accepted the challenge and now it is one of the classes I enjoy the most. It teaches me to know my body better, to value it and to love it as it is.

- Reduces menstrual cramps. It does not only happen with the kurunta, but with all types of yoga. And is that with the various postures move muscles and parts of the body that are always at rest and helps to circulate blood better.

- Burns 300 to 400 calories.

- You tighten your waist. I have to clarify that the effects of yoga classes with gradual, so do not obsess about losing calories or reduce waist and see immediate results. Many exercise gadgets that advertise on TV sell us the idea that when you use it, you will almost immediately burn fat and have a toned body. Is not true. With yoga you start to see small changes from the first week, but you have to be constant.

Are you going to start doing yoga? Do it, do not think it over! Do not be discouraged that you are not flexible or that you can not do all the postures, yoga is a constant work. In my class there are people of all ages, especially older adults who have taught me that there are no limits.

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