Dawn of the planet of the apes, Tarzan, 2001, King Kong and other goodies of cinema.

The dawn of the planet of the apes directed by Matt Reeves reminds us that they are monkeys and not dogs, in the cinema, the best (and worst) friends of the man. Ceasar (Andy Serkis) is the latest example of a series of apelike protagonists who have shone in the cinema from the 1930s, when King Kong climbed the Empire State Building giving us one of the most emblematic images of the film.

In this report on this week movie2k reviewed 15 titles of all time in which chimpanzees, orang-utans, monkeys camel and gorillas have stolen, totally or partially, the role human beings. What is your favorite film monkey? Watch on xmovies8 and leave us your comments!


The planet of the apes (1968-2016)

The forgotten and indispensable today Franklin j. Schaffner opened a franchise whose political and social substance has done nothing but grow over the years, with the exception of the failed, boring, remake of Tim BurtonRemind us of the Dr. Zaius, Zira and Lucius, Cornelius evil and, of course, Caesar (Andy Serkis), absolute protagonist of the new series, whose third installment, again directed by Matt Reeves, will come in 2016, you can watch series online of this movie here.


King Kong (2005)

The King Kong is one of the most iconic creatures of the seventh art. We saw him for the first time in 1933, in the classic directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, and in the 1970s a young Jeff Bridges was chasing him. Despite widespread criticism, we have weakness for the latest version of Peter Jackson, in which Andy Serkis lent their skills to the monkey and Naomi Watts left him K.O. staring. It certainly deserves a free review dde prejudices.


Tarzan of the apes (1932)

Chunky muscles of Johnny Weissmuller, the immortal character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the presences most iconic film adventures of the 1930s and 40 in Hollywood. At his side, always, mona Cheeta, a trained chimpanzee who survived all the members of the original cast until dying in 2011, at the age of 80. In fiction was simia, but in reality was a chimpanzee male who lived better than many humans.


2001, an Odyssey of the space (1968)

Moon-Watcher. So called ape protagonist of 2001, a space Odyssey, as the novelist imagined what Arthur C. Clarke in his book titled, published after the film’s premiere.The first and unforgettable 20 minutes of the film by Stanley Kubrick were characterized by a community of apes in which Moon-Watcher, by effect of the monolith, learns what survival to be settled to your fellows. Was it right? History not denies it.


Gorillas in the mist (1986)

The same year that the Lieutenant Ripley achicharraba to the Queen Mother of Aliens, Sigourney Weaver starring one of their strongest dramatic roles. The Dian Fossey, naturalist and biologist famous for his studies on the behavior of the gorillas.Michael Apted gave the best of himself behind the scenes of an environmentalist drama whose apelike characters were more human than the scoundrels who sought to sell his skin to a zoo.

Congo (1995)

The success of Jurassic Park became a Bonbon susceptible of being devoured by the machinery of Hollywood any novel by the late Michael Crichton . At the time a disaster, time has not treated all wrong this entertaining adventure film, directed by Frank Marshall, in which a huge, intelligent Gorilla named Amy helps its human caregiver (Dylan Walsh) to solve a mystery at the heart of the Congo. Unforgettable score by Jerry Goldsmith.


My friend Joe (1998)

The Disney of the 1990s, which treated viewers as amoebae without will, produced this loose remake of King Kong, which starred, eye, Bill Paxton and Charlize Theron.Both were a pair of naturalists raised arms against the thugs who wanted to liquidate to Joe, a huge Gorilla even more enormous heart. There are scenes that give embarrassment, but still it is worth looking at the caretos of Paxton and Theron to Joe as if it were your child.


Instinct (1999)

Anthony Hopkins is the hanger and almost the only attraction of this thriller directed with her usual reluctance by Jon Turteltaub. Hannibal gives life on this occasion to a prestigious anthropologist who, tired of his fellows, long to the judges to live in communion with the gorillas. They learn the supposed humanity lost by men, but also a killer instinct that turns him into a sociopath. Attentive to the umpteenth disturbing role of Donald Sutherland, expert say it all by lifting an eyebrow.


Outbreak (1995)

Wolfgang Petersen, that the same applies to a broken that for y, was at the controls of this cumbersome appliance service of a Dustin Hoffman by countless tics and the urgent need to collect fresh money. His character, Sam Daniels, is a military scientist on the hunt for the patient zero of a viral epidemic that threatens to kill millions of people. The culprit is a monete, Houdini manner, which evaporates while trying to capture it. The cast was completed by Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Donald Sutherland.


Project X (1987)

Today enfangado on TV (was one of the directors of emergency bedside), Jonathan Kaplan lived his moment of glory in the 1980s thanks to films like this typical vehicle in the service of the then teen idol Matthew Broderick. In company of a shameful Helen Hunt, now husband of Sarah Jessica Parker tried to save a few chimpanzees victims of terrible military experiments. Something like a war with environmentalist message games.

Diabolical attraction (1988)

One of the most inspired, and unknown, films of George a. Romerois this psychological horror film in which a quadriplegic lives in a perpetual state of horror before the atrocities who commits his pet monkey, in principle trained to help you, but is revealed to be a bug with bad baba and thirst for blood. The script, own Rosemary, adapts a novelita of Michael Stewart.


Hangover 2. Now in Thailand! (2011)

Although the saga of Todd Philips was clearly more to less, fans remember fondly mono camel that accompanied its protagonists during his crazy tour of Thailand.Dressed in denim and the logo of the Rolling Stones, the monete did everything from sexual favors to steal anything that is put within the reach of his claws.


Hard to peel (1978)

The orangutan Clyde is the baza comic of two films by Clint Eastwood which today are somewhat ridiculous, hard to peel and its sequel the big fight. Philo Beddoe is a truck driver and clandestine boxer who makes a living in fights with other stray bullets. His brother’s blood (Geoffrey Lewis) Orville and Clyde, won in a bet, good help win matches and win girls. One of those films that now would be not the screen of a study.


Monkey Bone (2001)

The boundless imagination of Henry Selick, based on a graphic novel by Kaja Blackley, Brendan Fraser gave one of the most endearing and fun career roles. She plays a cartoonist who left in coma, is immersed in a fantasy world inhabited by creatures of his invention. These include Monkeybone, a mono verbose and scoundrel who makes the mess whenever turn. A jewel unjustly mistreated at the time.


The book of the jungle (1967)

We finished with a classic checked by the best version of Disney. The novel byRudyard Kipling, conveniently domesticated by the study other minds, translates into a blissful sequence of musical scenes featuring Mowgli and his friends in the jungle. The singer Louis Prima lent his voice to King Louie of the apes, ringleader of a gang of apes in a suspicious State of perpetual drunkenness.



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