The primate that mimics human

When you read the article below we could believe that the company gave birth to a beautiful baby, the magic wand that many people were waiting for so long.

Psychiatrists from have been so many studies have so many degrees! Theoretically they should be even more talented and capable than the doctors of all stripes since they would have been 10 years of training plus other studies, but make no mistake,


The truth is that their only concern is to sell drugs and not just any, drugs that destroy the body and mind. So when your head not working well, when you start having anxiety or insomnia after taking drugs prescribed by psychiatrists, they will provide more.

The newspaper that published this article, as psychiatrists, should be punished not the law, the rights of the deception to man on the promises made to non Results and violation of basic human rights.


The psychiatrist

Doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, the psychiatrist is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs.

Doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, the psychiatrist is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs.

His training

Unlike other professionals, the psychiatrist is a doctor. So this is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe medication. He completed the full cycle of medical studies at the university, before specializing in psychiatry, which corresponds to a total of ten years of studies. Often psychiatrists complete their medical curriculum with training in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.Allowing them to accumulate titles.

In which cases consult?

The psychiatrist  diagnoses and treats mental disorders. However, if it heals heavy diseases such as schizophrenia, paranoia, autism, or manic-depressive, he treats also the lightest and common mental disorders: depression, anxiety attacks, phobias, insomnia … Do not refuse a psychiatrist on the grounds that you are not seriously ill.

His methods

First, the patient receives the psychiatrist in consultation to determine the nature of the disorder. He resorts to listen and to work on the body, and sometimes offers psychotherapy, according to his training. If necessary, it may also prescribe achemical treatment. For this, it has an arsenal of drugs. There is talk of psychotropic : antidepressants for depression, antipsychotics for schizophrenia, anxiolytics to calm anxieties … If necessary, the psychiatrist may suggest or impose ahospital .

Practical info

The psychiatrist is a doctor, consultations are reimbursed by social security. As for prices, count 41 € session for sector psychiatrists 1. For others, the fees are free and can easily climb. The psychiatrist in private practice, hospitals, clinics, in community mental health center (CMP) or medico-psycho-educational center.

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