The hair is a filament that is practically all over our body (except the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands) receives different names according to its characteristics: hair, eyelash, hair, etc. But most are so thin and clear that we can not see with the naked eye, in fact humans have more follicles per square centimeters than most of the older primates, and the highest concentration is in the front of our body.

Hair is a unique feature of mammals and its main function is to protect the skin from external agents. Its hardness and thickness are subject to hormonal changes. It is created in the early stages of fetal development and in a cyclical and regular way throughout life. The hair cycle is not synchronized in humans, normally most of our hair is in the growth phase, and a minority, in the transition and rest phases of the cycle. The growth phase has a longer duration than the other phases.

When hair is darker and thicker or appears in areas we do not like (face, neck, abdomen, chest, arms, etc.) we want to eliminate it. In the past the techniques for removing unwanted hair were tweezers, waxes, chemical depilatories, starter machines, etc., some were painful, others tedious and, in any case, all temporary.

When the first technique of permanent hair removal, known as electrolysis, emerged, it was very well received and effective, but also slow and painful. Its operation was based on an electric current that passes through the hair to destroy the root, was very effective but it took months and even years to treat small areas.

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Laser hair removal or photoepilation has been a real revolution, it began to be used in the 90s and initially could only be used on very clear skins because the laser did not differentiate between the pigment of the skin and the hair follicle, Could cause some burn, but thanks to the technological advances this stopped happening. Its use has experienced great growth in recent years due to its efficiency, speed and lasting results. It is a very fast and effective method that allows to depilate all parts of the body, except the area closest to the eye.
In addition to the effectiveness of laser hair removal and its results, the great proliferation of aesthetic centers has also contributed to its popularization.

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