Review: The House of the primates of Sara Gruen

By the same author of Water for Elephants, the Suma de Letras publishing house brings primates, a story full of tenderness and love for animals. Animals don’t need people to buy Bali villa for them. They just need a house to live, which is the environment we are destroying.

The primates, particularly bonobos appear here, are the species most humans are alike and here we will see to what extent. We will witness their behavior, their learning and communication through sign language and am convencidísima all animal lovers will find this book a welcome companion.

Already in Water for Elephant s the author showed clear his tender love to tell stories with a point of reflection in behavior that some people with animals. I liked it as the protagonist, Isabel, despite having suffered an attack in their own flesh worries over bonobos than herself. Do not miss a moment and do everything possible to recover these creatures coexisting with carrying nearly eight years.

Another part of the story is John, the truth is that some fragments have seemed a little padding (everything about Amanda …) but hey, it is also true that something had to add frame to avoid will be very short.

The way to tell is fluid and agile so without realizing just taking will hand over the pages, and so raise your head, you have come to the last word. Having the two books have been published in Castilian of this author, I have to say that I liked it more; probably has to do with that romance Water for Elephants has a relatively important role and did not finish my jig and this time are the bonobos and love of Isabel they who carry the weight of the book.

Comment something I discovered after finishing the book is that the author really has not only written about primates but have also played an important role in his life out of paper. It was a center for care of these animals in Iowa and studied sign language to communicate with them. Logically this owed to create a strong impression to have even written a book about them and I found very curious, because besides being an unforgettable experience adds a touch of realism that other books do not have.

I do not want to dwell too much because the primate house contains a beautiful story and I wish those who dare to read it do so knowing as little as possible of it. I’ll just say that in addition to the tenderness that inspire these wonderful animals, you can see how cruel can become two-legged beings and the terrible influence of TV in our lives.

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