Let me tell you …

The time is running so fast that when you see yourself in the mirror you will discover that you already comb the first few hairs. The moral is that you should never mock an adult person, an old man, there we all go, nobody can stop the time. There will come a day when you will need the help of someone to walk, to sit, to go to the bathroom, to change clothes, etc. And will be astonished to see that the clock continues its march marking the few remaining years, minutes or seconds of life, after having done things that are not correct, to give way to the pleasures, to lust I could stick to Time, otherwise I would not have the years that God has given me. I do not have the strength and agility of before, my feet are swollen, sometimes my back hurts and my walking is slow, all this is a product of what I was talking about, the passage of time.

I have seen some of my friends who have had surgery on their faces to maintain an imaginary youth that by the way, lasts very few years, then I have seen that the years have touched them, surgery was useless, skin It deteriorates and botox melbourne before and after, the effects really are impressive, the same in men as in women, the mouth becomes big and pelotasa – I mean the lips – or becomes a kind of funnel as if belonged to the planet of the apes. Some television presenters try to stay young by injecting botox or minor surgeries, they look good for a while and if they do not return to botox or surgery their faces take the form of Frankenstein.

Film lovers have been able to see the transformation of Silvestre Stalon, the famous “Rambo”, of an attractive man in his series Rambo, felt the weight of the years and had surgeries on his face, his attractiveness was for the floors to Give way to a poor face, full of balls and more crooked mouth. Those sprints that are made by artists may be necessary for their careers, to keep them in force, but they practice something that in the long run will harm them. Aha, and those who are not artists? Well, those and those go in search of eternal youth with the eternal blade. I met a woman who invested a large sum of money to become a person with a spectacular leather and face, they did lipo sculpture and I do not know what other operations. When I saw her I did not know her, I greeted her and did not say anything, she was the one who spoke to me and told me about her transformation. He left me with the open face, I never imagined that it would become that monument.

Years later I saw her again, the impressive effect had disappeared, she needed dollars for “maintenance” and she did not have them, sagging breasts and buttocks, elongated, abnormal face, eyelids that showed the passage of years. It was the same, but it was not the same body, the same face. I think we would all like to be young forever, you can do youthful lapses with the ticket looking for the best surgeons, it’s like painting an old car that can look like new … and the engine? A pure fucking walk.

At a mall I met a friend who immediately told me, “Can I ask you a question? Whatever you want, I answered. “Where you put the years, I do not see it grow old, give me the formula. Very well, “I said,” we must first leave the vices. ” I do not drink liquor, I have not smoked for many years, I left lust aside, I am a man of one woman, which cost me a lot, I am not in trouble, I do not like to gossip, I try to keep my tongue in subjection , I have no more worries than to go ahead with my family, so I come home and sleep peacefully with the conscience in peace, if I criticize I send blessings to those who do, I do not envy anyone, I try to serve others and Above all things I love and fear God, “the friend stared at me and said: It is a very good formula but difficult to follow.

Take out the account. This illustrious male was born on February 15, 1940, premature, seven months pregnant, weighing only three pounds, but as God is good: “The only good” has treated me well in the way of my existence. A politician told me that he would have surgery to remove his gut, dark circles and stretch his beak a little: “I’m going to see candela,” he said, “and who knows how many broken hearts will be left there,” I said. Thinking what will happen in six years with your face? Look at Silvester Stalon and other artists, the case of Micke Jackson, in the end ran out of nose, walked a prosthesis, you can not abuse what God has created. He stared at me and said, you’re right.

It’s all a matter of taste, that can be done surgery and spend billetón to look young can do it I mean that time not person despite surgeries, six years to look young and then comes the reality. What I want to tell you is that everything has its price, sometimes things do not go as we have thought and enjoy an ephemeral happiness when it comes to implants, surgeries, liposuctions, etc. It is a way of warning you not to do it, regret will come later and double by the terrible transformations that have tried those who try to stay young as it gives rise. Of course we all have the right to do whatever we please, but there are issues that need to be thought through when we see the evidence in other mirrors.

Meg Ryan is an internationally famous artist, she looked cool, beautiful, like those country flowers. The years went by and her profession was sent to do a surgery, everything went well at the beginning and today, that beautiful woman is not even the shadow of what was, her beauty disappeared by the effects of surgery, and despite being A relatively young woman might have tried to look like a fifteen-year-old and succeeded, but the time she does not forgive has begun to charge her. You can stop old age with surgery only superficially, but the years do not stop, its effects are devastating when someone has abused those plastic operations. If I had a surgery, maybe I would stay … Aha, and the pain of the legs and arms, the discomforts of old age? No pope, we must grow up worthily and enjoy healthily the years of life that God gives us.

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