Is it possible to choose security systems for homes with pets?

home security systems is an investment in any home, as it increases the well-being of families. It is becoming more frequent that there is a pet in homes. In that case, is it possible to install a really effective alarm service against possible external hazards? Thanks to the development of technology, many alarm systems detect even the presence of dogs and cats, which are the most frequent pets in the homes by the company and the affection they offer.

Alarms with the most advanced technology

It is vital that, when a user decides to carry out the process of contracting a security system in their home, they must first inform the presence of an animal at home, since this requirement is indispensable so that the company can offer a solution to the Measure of these needs. Otherwise, it is very likely that the alarm, jump unexpectedly when connected and not by a real urgency, but by some movement of the animal that has awakened the mechanisms of the system.

The sensors installed in this security system, are so developed currently that allow to differentiate between the movements of a pet or those of a possible stranger who is accessing the interior of the house.

One of the criteria that is often used for the alarm does not constantly jump in the homes where there are pets, is that the sensor identifies movements of a living being that does not exceed a certain weight. An approximate weight of 14 kg. At present, it is very common for families to have a pet at home. Cats and dogs are one of man’s best friends. And, in most cases, these animals do not exceed this weight. However, the indication of the weight in the safety sensors of an alarm system can be specified in advance to suit the conditions of each case. Something very important, since there are different breeds of dogs and each one has certain characteristics.

The operation of an alarm in a house with a cat, is more complex. Not so much by the volume of the mascot , but by the intense activity of movement that has the feline in a single day. Cats, are much more independent animals than dogs and their excesses of movement, can produce some kind of confusion in the sensors of an alarm system. However, it is possible to find customized solutions in all kinds of situations.

It is also possible to choose intermediate formulas. For example, arrange a stay for the coexistence of the animal.An exclusive zone in which the alarm system does not operate . Integrate concrete measures, for example, that the pet is in a garden, a basement or a room, while the family is out fulfilling their work commitments. At such times, the alarm can be installed while everything is perfectly controlled. That is to say, in this type of mechanical methodology, contextualizing the location of the sensors, it is possible to reconcile the optimal functioning of the alarm with the comfort of the mascot, which can enjoy its own space.

But, of course, it is also essential to invest time in the education of the pet to generate in the animal habits of coexistence in the home. A security alarm can even deter a person from potential theft, thanks to the housing response mechanism, which sends an automatic emergency signal when it detects that something abnormal is occurring in the immediate vicinity. To ensure the safety of the home, it is essential that the family choose a system that fits the needs of the care of the animal. And, when choosing an alarm that works with all the security guarantees, when the pet is playing at home, the family enjoys a greater tranquility.

Choosing a suitable alarm is a benefit in a double direction. On the one hand, it offers protection for the home .And, on the other, it gives freedom to the pet, which can enjoy its usual movements without any risk of the mechanism to jump.

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