Many of us love natural or synthetic furs, especially if they are to decorate our home. Lots of magazines and blogs of decoration propose to use them like carpets, blankets for the sofa, for the chairs of the dining room or for the bed.

These types of combinations speak of Nordic or Scandinavian style decorations, in which the skins as well as having an ornamental function, are used as essential clothing even for the home. They give a cozy and warm touch to the stay, in addition to a unique elegance and sumptuousness.

We can also see them in decorations of classic or colonial, with cowhides or natural veal, tinted or printed with a pattern that imitates the drawings of the skin of other animals, such as leopard, zebra or tiger. Another type of skins used as carpets or plaids, are those of the sheep, totally white or dyed in any other color.

Both will give a plus of warmth and personality to your home during the coldest months of the year. That is why, perhaps with the rise of temperatures, it is convenient to update our spaces, keeping the skins and choosing fresher fabrics such as sisal or thread.

Cowhide we may be able to keep them during the summer, paying special attention to their maintenance. Those of sheep or synthetic ones of long hair, yes it is convenient that we wash them and we keep until the next winter.

But how do they wash or condition the skins? At the entrance today, we give you some simple and practical tips to leave them as new.

STEP 1 – Regular Maintenance

In both cases, the key is to often review it with the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, always following the natural sense of hair, or shaking it with a wicker palmeta.

STEP 2 – How to deal with a stain

In case the hair stains due to spills of food, drink or others, the solution is to clean it with a cloth moistened in warm water with a little neutral soap. The key is not to soak the leather. It is necessary to treat it with care, passing the cotton cloth in the direction of the hair and without rubbing too much. In this way, you will prevent the stain from expanding or becoming permanent.

Never use solvents to clean the skin, the goals in the washing machine or in the dryer, much less the ironing.

STEP 3 – Washing and drying the workpiece before storing it

In line with the above, we go one step further and proceed to the wash prior to the storage of the piece. The leather or cowhide, it is neither necessary nor advisable to wash them, so we will just suck the dust and review it with a rag moistened in a solution of warm water and 5% white vinegar. This will ensure its cleanliness and maintenance in perfect condition. As it is a matter of fine carpets, it will not be necessary to remove them, as these as well as fulfilling their aesthetic function, will isolate our floors from the heat.

On the other hand, rugs and blankets with long hair, such as sheep skins, we can wash and keep them until the cold gets back. The first consideration that we must take into account is that as it is natural tissues we must treat them precisely with natural products or mildly aggressive soaps. So we must forget detergents or solvents, and opt for natural soaps like those used by our grandmothers to wash clothes, such as Marseille soap, glycerin soap or any other special for wool.

Knowing this, we proceed to submerge it in a bathtub with warm water and neutral soap (any of the mentioned ones). We will leave it to soak for about 5 minutes and we will turn it from time to time with care and without crushing it. As we see that the water is getting dirty, we will change it until the skin is completely clear and clean.

Then we will leave it extended in a cool and ventilated place where it does not hit the sun directly. Once it is completely dry, and to finish the operation, we will roll it in a paper or cotton cloth that allows it to perspire and avoid that it picks up smells.

We hope our advice has been useful and help you enjoy your natural leather rugs and blankets. In the meantime we recommend you visit our steam cleaning  section of our online furniture store.


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