A sexy lingerie and original campaign against animal abuse

The idea of ​​the PETA campaign, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is to raise awareness about the consumption of animals to feed us.

In the picture you can see Zahia Dehar, the famous lingerie designer, photographed by Bryan Adams, Canadian musician, with his body divided as in the butcher diagrams.

Under the title “All animals have the same parts”, the sculptural body of Dehar demonstrates this phrase although sometimes we forget, according to the VeoVerde portal .

According to PETA, he hopes that this campaign will raise people’s awareness of their diet.

Humans are allowed not only to kill animals, but also to do so in the most atrocious ways. And all that for your own pleasure, for your personal satisfaction. This has always bothered me, because I have always been on the side of animals. So, like me, if you do not want the animals to be abused, tortured or killed, please follow my example and switch to vegetarian food.

With this campaign Dehar, 23, joins the famed list of celebrities who have registered for the healthiest life and animal friendly, such as Joaquin Phoenix, Pamela Anderson or Vivienne Westwood. Also check buy sexy Lingerie Au for more details.

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