3 truths like fists on the movie “Planet of the apes” called advertising

planeta de los simios

“In the creative universe, and in case of doubt, it is always possible to resort to trained monkeys”. This phrase, exit a few weeks from the lips of Alexander Schill, creative director of the German Agency Serviceplan, has led to a real earthquake in the German advertising industry.

But, is advertising really a kind of “Planet of the apes”? No, fortunately has not reached even the blood River. The universe of advertising agencies is not “Simian” but simply confusing. And out of confusion, it is necessary that the advertising industry make yours as soon as possible the truths which then lists Nils Wollny, director of strategy at the German Agency Sinner Schrader, at Calgary, AB video production¬†:

1. The ideas have no value
The ideas, those that were once the beacon illuminating the advertising industry and the world in general, have been unfortunately orphans of value. The ideas are no longer the main asset of the agencies. Its greatest asset is today the talent. Advertisers want to invest in talent and not so much on ideas. Agencies should be the natural habitat of those talents that can not lift the flight in the rigid corporate structures of a company.

2. The creation is digital artistic engineering
As engineers, the advertising should work to find solutions to the problems of its clients. However, such solutions must be coated necessarily art, digital art. With the technological boom in full swing, the advertising must be both engineers and artists.

3. The agencies do not have even a digital business model
Advertising agencies are you poking the tooth to scanning digital talent recruiting and expanding its digital portfolio. However, to survive in the new digital agency Thailand, agencies must go a step further and develop technologies and digital marketing services that are truly proprietary. The marketing service in the cloud Next Audience of WPP and new Solutions of McKinsey division are models to be followed in this regard. The future of agencies necessarily passes through this type of service.


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