To the shower! Keys to bathe your dog

Where do I bath my dog?

First of all, we are going to choose where we are going to make the bathroom. Although we can not always choose, because we do not have a garden area, we can enable the space for us to feel comfortable. For example, when wet dogs tend to shake, if we take into account we can remove those objects that we do not want to get wet. It is also very important to know that we have enough time to perform the bath and drying, without hurry.

How do we prepare?

Before opening the water it is very important to brush our dog’s hair. This way we will be able to remove the excess dead hair and avoid tangles, jerks and lumps in the drain. Remember: in dry it is much easier to comb the coat of a dog.

Once we have brushed, we can start to open the tap, but never suddenly, because it can be scary or nervous. This will depend in part on each dog. Some people love the water and others are afraid of it, but we have many tricks that we can use to make our dog comfortable in his bath. For example, having their toys close by, having a prize on hand or opening the water little by little and interacting with it.

What do we need for the bathroom?

You win, patience and humor. Like everything we do with our pets, the bath will be a time when our bond will be strengthened and will end up being one more activity than we do with them.

In the first place, with hand held shower heads we will check the water temperature, neither too cold nor too hot, and we will start to wet your body to apply the shampoo and rinse it. Pay special attention to the area of ​​the ears and eyes, ensuring that no product.

It is very important that we use exclusive products for dogs, such as Bayer Neutralor Shampoo . The PH of a dog’s skin is different from the PH of the skin of humans; For this reason, we can not share products. The Neutrolor shampoo respects the PH of the dog and does not irritate him. In addition to eliminating bad odor by its deodorant action, it also moisturizes, protects the skin and leaves hair shiny and strong.

Once we have applied the shampoo with a gentle massage we will have to rinse well, as many times as necessary, to eliminate all the remains of shampoo.

A trick: if your puppy is young and playful, you can choose to cover the ears with cotton to prevent water from entering.

Do I have to dry it?

Of course. First, with some towels and then, ideally, pass the dryer to make sure that it is completely dry and thus avoid colds, although in some cases, the sound of the dryer does not stop tasting. If you are going to use a dryer, it is very important that it be at a medium temperature so as not to burn it.While we dry his hair is a good time to take advantage and tell him how well he has behaved during his bath and give him the odd prize.

How often do I have to bathe my dog?

If you are not sure how often you should bathe your dog, it is best if your veterinarian advises you. It will explain to you what needs the race, the skin and the fur of your dog.

The most important thing will be to make the bathroom a pleasant experience, so that in the future it becomes an activity more than our routine.

Yoga, the best exercise to relax with animals

In the first week you can begin to see results, but without doubt the greatest benefit is the relaxation that provides. 

I did my first month doing yoga! It has been complicated, challenging and very motivating. After never having gone to a gym, I can say that I lost the fear and the laziness for which I did not dare to go. 

I think a lot in the time that I did not do any exercise and I spent hours sitting, but now the best thing I can do is not to abandon my routine. The body truly appreciates it.

In the Energy Fitness challenge I am doing three types of yoga: vinyasa, hatha and of the wall. Today I want to tell you a little more about the so-called kurunta yoga and some of the benefits. It is practiced with belts that are secured to the wall and that will be your support for almost all the postures that you do.

Each posture is a challenge as they require a lot of strength, concentration, work your body and know what you can do.

Among the benefits of the wall, although they are actually yoga in general, are:

- Relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs

- It improves your digestion. Before I started practicing yoga burn review I had some non-serious digestive problems, which have now disappeared. It is not about magic, but about the changes I made in my diet, which consisted of drinking more water, stopping eating excess fat, and reducing junk food intake. Exercise made my metabolism better.

- It relaxes the body and the mind and motivates you to take on new challenges. I wanted to cry when I realized that I was terrified of holding my head in a belt, but I accepted the challenge and now it is one of the classes I enjoy the most. It teaches me to know my body better, to value it and to love it as it is.

- Reduces menstrual cramps. It does not only happen with the kurunta, but with all types of yoga. And is that with the various postures move muscles and parts of the body that are always at rest and helps to circulate blood better.

- Burns 300 to 400 calories.

- You tighten your waist. I have to clarify that the effects of yoga classes with gradual, so do not obsess about losing calories or reduce waist and see immediate results. Many exercise gadgets that advertise on TV sell us the idea that when you use it, you will almost immediately burn fat and have a toned body. Is not true. With yoga you start to see small changes from the first week, but you have to be constant.

Are you going to start doing yoga? Do it, do not think it over! Do not be discouraged that you are not flexible or that you can not do all the postures, yoga is a constant work. In my class there are people of all ages, especially older adults who have taught me that there are no limits.


Many of us love natural or synthetic furs, especially if they are to decorate our home. Lots of magazines and blogs of decoration propose to use them like carpets, blankets for the sofa, for the chairs of the dining room or for the bed.

These types of combinations speak of Nordic or Scandinavian style decorations, in which the skins as well as having an ornamental function, are used as essential clothing even for the home. They give a cozy and warm touch to the stay, in addition to a unique elegance and sumptuousness.

We can also see them in decorations of classic or colonial, with cowhides or natural veal, tinted or printed with a pattern that imitates the drawings of the skin of other animals, such as leopard, zebra or tiger. Another type of skins used as carpets or plaids, are those of the sheep, totally white or dyed in any other color.

Both will give a plus of warmth and personality to your home during the coldest months of the year. That is why, perhaps with the rise of temperatures, it is convenient to update our spaces, keeping the skins and choosing fresher fabrics such as sisal or thread.

Cowhide we may be able to keep them during the summer, paying special attention to their maintenance. Those of sheep or synthetic ones of long hair, yes it is convenient that we wash them and we keep until the next winter.

But how do they wash or condition the skins? At the entrance today, we give you some simple and practical tips to leave them as new.

STEP 1 – Regular Maintenance

In both cases, the key is to often review it with the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, always following the natural sense of hair, or shaking it with a wicker palmeta.

STEP 2 – How to deal with a stain

In case the hair stains due to spills of food, drink or others, the solution is to clean it with a cloth moistened in warm water with a little neutral soap. The key is not to soak the leather. It is necessary to treat it with care, passing the cotton cloth in the direction of the hair and without rubbing too much. In this way, you will prevent the stain from expanding or becoming permanent.

Never use solvents to clean the skin, the goals in the washing machine or in the dryer, much less the ironing.

STEP 3 – Washing and drying the workpiece before storing it

In line with the above, we go one step further and proceed to the wash prior to the storage of the piece. The leather or cowhide, it is neither necessary nor advisable to wash them, so we will just suck the dust and review it with a rag moistened in a solution of warm water and 5% white vinegar. This will ensure its cleanliness and maintenance in perfect condition. As it is a matter of fine carpets, it will not be necessary to remove them, as these as well as fulfilling their aesthetic function, will isolate our floors from the heat.

On the other hand, rugs and blankets with long hair, such as sheep skins, we can wash and keep them until the cold gets back. The first consideration that we must take into account is that as it is natural tissues we must treat them precisely with natural products or mildly aggressive soaps. So we must forget detergents or solvents, and opt for natural soaps like those used by our grandmothers to wash clothes, such as Marseille soap, glycerin soap or any other special for wool.

Knowing this, we proceed to submerge it in a bathtub with warm water and neutral soap (any of the mentioned ones). We will leave it to soak for about 5 minutes and we will turn it from time to time with care and without crushing it. As we see that the water is getting dirty, we will change it until the skin is completely clear and clean.

Then we will leave it extended in a cool and ventilated place where it does not hit the sun directly. Once it is completely dry, and to finish the operation, we will roll it in a paper or cotton cloth that allows it to perspire and avoid that it picks up smells.

We hope our advice has been useful and help you enjoy your natural leather rugs and blankets. In the meantime we recommend you visit our steam cleaning  section of our online furniture store.


Is it possible to choose security systems for homes with pets?

home security systems is an investment in any home, as it increases the well-being of families. It is becoming more frequent that there is a pet in homes. In that case, is it possible to install a really effective alarm service against possible external hazards? Thanks to the development of technology, many alarm systems detect even the presence of dogs and cats, which are the most frequent pets in the homes by the company and the affection they offer.

Alarms with the most advanced technology

It is vital that, when a user decides to carry out the process of contracting a security system in their home, they must first inform the presence of an animal at home, since this requirement is indispensable so that the company can offer a solution to the Measure of these needs. Otherwise, it is very likely that the alarm, jump unexpectedly when connected and not by a real urgency, but by some movement of the animal that has awakened the mechanisms of the system.

The sensors installed in this security system, are so developed currently that allow to differentiate between the movements of a pet or those of a possible stranger who is accessing the interior of the house.

One of the criteria that is often used for the alarm does not constantly jump in the homes where there are pets, is that the sensor identifies movements of a living being that does not exceed a certain weight. An approximate weight of 14 kg. At present, it is very common for families to have a pet at home. Cats and dogs are one of man’s best friends. And, in most cases, these animals do not exceed this weight. However, the indication of the weight in the safety sensors of an alarm system can be specified in advance to suit the conditions of each case. Something very important, since there are different breeds of dogs and each one has certain characteristics.

The operation of an alarm in a house with a cat, is more complex. Not so much by the volume of the mascot , but by the intense activity of movement that has the feline in a single day. Cats, are much more independent animals than dogs and their excesses of movement, can produce some kind of confusion in the sensors of an alarm system. However, it is possible to find customized solutions in all kinds of situations.

It is also possible to choose intermediate formulas. For example, arrange a stay for the coexistence of the animal.An exclusive zone in which the alarm system does not operate . Integrate concrete measures, for example, that the pet is in a garden, a basement or a room, while the family is out fulfilling their work commitments. At such times, the alarm can be installed while everything is perfectly controlled. That is to say, in this type of mechanical methodology, contextualizing the location of the sensors, it is possible to reconcile the optimal functioning of the alarm with the comfort of the mascot, which can enjoy its own space.

But, of course, it is also essential to invest time in the education of the pet to generate in the animal habits of coexistence in the home. A security alarm can even deter a person from potential theft, thanks to the housing response mechanism, which sends an automatic emergency signal when it detects that something abnormal is occurring in the immediate vicinity. To ensure the safety of the home, it is essential that the family choose a system that fits the needs of the care of the animal. And, when choosing an alarm that works with all the security guarantees, when the pet is playing at home, the family enjoys a greater tranquility.

Choosing a suitable alarm is a benefit in a double direction. On the one hand, it offers protection for the home .And, on the other, it gives freedom to the pet, which can enjoy its usual movements without any risk of the mechanism to jump.

A sexy lingerie and original campaign against animal abuse

The idea of ​​the PETA campaign, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is to raise awareness about the consumption of animals to feed us.

In the picture you can see Zahia Dehar, the famous lingerie designer, photographed by Bryan Adams, Canadian musician, with his body divided as in the butcher diagrams.

Under the title “All animals have the same parts”, the sculptural body of Dehar demonstrates this phrase although sometimes we forget, according to the VeoVerde portal .

According to PETA, he hopes that this campaign will raise people’s awareness of their diet.

Humans are allowed not only to kill animals, but also to do so in the most atrocious ways. And all that for your own pleasure, for your personal satisfaction. This has always bothered me, because I have always been on the side of animals. So, like me, if you do not want the animals to be abused, tortured or killed, please follow my example and switch to vegetarian food.

With this campaign Dehar, 23, joins the famed list of celebrities who have registered for the healthiest life and animal friendly, such as Joaquin Phoenix, Pamela Anderson or Vivienne Westwood. Also check buy sexy Lingerie Au for more details.


The hair is a filament that is practically all over our body (except the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands) receives different names according to its characteristics: hair, eyelash, hair, etc. But most are so thin and clear that we can not see with the naked eye, in fact humans have more follicles per square centimeters than most of the older primates, and the highest concentration is in the front of our body.

Hair is a unique feature of mammals and its main function is to protect the skin from external agents. Its hardness and thickness are subject to hormonal changes. It is created in the early stages of fetal development and in a cyclical and regular way throughout life. The hair cycle is not synchronized in humans, normally most of our hair is in the growth phase, and a minority, in the transition and rest phases of the cycle. The growth phase has a longer duration than the other phases.

When hair is darker and thicker or appears in areas we do not like (face, neck, abdomen, chest, arms, etc.) we want to eliminate it. In the past the techniques for removing unwanted hair were tweezers, waxes, chemical depilatories, starter machines, etc., some were painful, others tedious and, in any case, all temporary.

When the first technique of permanent hair removal, known as electrolysis, emerged, it was very well received and effective, but also slow and painful. Its operation was based on an electric current that passes through the hair to destroy the root, was very effective but it took months and even years to treat small areas.

Check out our phoenix laser hair removal site to answer your questions.

Laser hair removal or photoepilation has been a real revolution, it began to be used in the 90s and initially could only be used on very clear skins because the laser did not differentiate between the pigment of the skin and the hair follicle, Could cause some burn, but thanks to the technological advances this stopped happening. Its use has experienced great growth in recent years due to its efficiency, speed and lasting results. It is a very fast and effective method that allows to depilate all parts of the body, except the area closest to the eye.
In addition to the effectiveness of laser hair removal and its results, the great proliferation of aesthetic centers has also contributed to its popularization.

The summer of children with African Park

  • Leisure parks receive on holiday a large number of visitors looking to spend a family day watching animals or enjoying the holidays.

Summer is the time when kids most enjoy games, streets, parks and fun. The leisure parks in Andalusia know this and they program every year a series of activities in which they are looking for the enjoyment of the little ones of the house, but also of the adults. Water and animals are the main protagonists. On the Costa del Sol, with Selwo Aventura, Selwo Marina and Cable Car, you can buy a joint entrance that allows you to enjoy all three at a better price.

Thus, in Selwo Aventura , in Estepona, you can live an adventure in Africa and know its most emblematic species: lions, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, rhinoceroses, cheetahs, and so on. This season Selwo Aventura offers new proposals, incorporation of activities, feeds, interactions or new habitats like Territory Madagascar, Tropical Forest . Also the new proposals of Activities and Exhibitions like Encounter with Girafas , that allows us to know the giant of terrestrial fauna or the spectacular exhibitions of raptors and snakes.

For the more active there is place for adventure with the great Ziwa Tyrolean, dromedary rides, archery, etc. These adventure proposals have been extended with the incorporation of two hanging bridges that allow to know and to cross a leafy jungle. There are even possibilities to live within the park itself. Selwo Aventura in Estepona has it in Selwo Lodge, a comfortable hotel that moves to the legendary accommodations of African reserves. It is formed by the villages Watu and Masai, both in full nature. There are 23 cabins that reproduce the typical constructions of wood and stone, while the interior has all the amenities of a modern hotel.

Selwo Marina Delfinarium , located in Benalmádena, has a dolphinarium and a penguin, the only ones in Andalusia. A special section deserves Bahía Leones Marinos, the new facility. Among its proposals is the bath with sea lions, which will allow you to know, learn and swim with this great marine mammal. And another novelty is Baptism of Diving with sea lions. Also continue the Unique Experiences , an exclusive program of interaction with the dolphins of Selwo Marina Delfinarium. For its part, the VIP visit, an activity specially designed to discover the world of dolphins, penguins, Amazon species, and so on.

But it is not only on the coast, in Seville, Isla Mágica opens every day of the week so that no one misses the opportunity to enjoy its summer season. New shows and attractions from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day except Saturdays that the closing lasts at 24:00. There are shows and animations like La Lola is going to the fair, A feather flies or The ghost pirates . There are also designed for the little ones like A tiny world, Monstruitos al cole or The enchanted forest . And the great novelty of this year is the spectacle The lake: indigenous against aliens, with technology mapping and other sound effects.

In addition to Isla Mágica, in Seville you can enjoy the city and relieve the heat in Aquopolis Seville . This is one of the largest water parks in Spain and is located within the city 15 minutes from the center by car. Children have a special place in Aquopolis Seville. Not only is the 2012 Mini Park swimming pool new, but also on the slides like the Great Dragon . It also has storytellers in English. For the majors there are attractions like Turbolance , Kamikaze or Black Hole . But it’s not all adrenaline, there are quieter areas like the Blue Lagoon and the log cabins with jacuzzi.

Another of the Aquópolis of Andalusia is that of Cartaya . Nestled in one of the privileged areas of the Huelva coast, such as the natural landscapes of the marshes of the Piedras river and the Arrow of Rompido, surrounded by pine trees, wild nature and country aroma. It also has daily classes of aquagym . The jungle at night without leaving Fuengirola is one of the most attractive offers of Bioparc, where there are African dances.

This park remains open in summer until 00:00 and it represents three ecosystems: Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and the island of Madagascar. On the island of Madagascar one can enter into direct contact with four species of lemurs, some of them very threatened, and live at the foot of the baobab, a replica of one of the longest trees on the planet. In Africa visitors can not miss the breathtaking coast gorillas, who live with a family of monkeys and a pair of calaos. In Asia, the habitat of the Sumatran tigers, one of the smallest and most threatened species on the planet, is highlighted by the great threat posed by all the species of tigers in the world. Further, Is the exhibition of birds and mammals and just after the night, visitors can enjoy the show of African dances, in which a Senegalese group full of rhythms on the zoo every day except Monday. Learn More here.

Let me tell you …

The time is running so fast that when you see yourself in the mirror you will discover that you already comb the first few hairs. The moral is that you should never mock an adult person, an old man, there we all go, nobody can stop the time. There will come a day when you will need the help of someone to walk, to sit, to go to the bathroom, to change clothes, etc. And will be astonished to see that the clock continues its march marking the few remaining years, minutes or seconds of life, after having done things that are not correct, to give way to the pleasures, to lust I could stick to Time, otherwise I would not have the years that God has given me. I do not have the strength and agility of before, my feet are swollen, sometimes my back hurts and my walking is slow, all this is a product of what I was talking about, the passage of time.

I have seen some of my friends who have had surgery on their faces to maintain an imaginary youth that by the way, lasts very few years, then I have seen that the years have touched them, surgery was useless, skin It deteriorates and botox melbourne before and after, the effects really are impressive, the same in men as in women, the mouth becomes big and pelotasa – I mean the lips – or becomes a kind of funnel as if belonged to the planet of the apes. Some television presenters try to stay young by injecting botox or minor surgeries, they look good for a while and if they do not return to botox or surgery their faces take the form of Frankenstein.

Film lovers have been able to see the transformation of Silvestre Stalon, the famous “Rambo”, of an attractive man in his series Rambo, felt the weight of the years and had surgeries on his face, his attractiveness was for the floors to Give way to a poor face, full of balls and more crooked mouth. Those sprints that are made by artists may be necessary for their careers, to keep them in force, but they practice something that in the long run will harm them. Aha, and those who are not artists? Well, those and those go in search of eternal youth with the eternal blade. I met a woman who invested a large sum of money to become a person with a spectacular leather and face, they did lipo sculpture and I do not know what other operations. When I saw her I did not know her, I greeted her and did not say anything, she was the one who spoke to me and told me about her transformation. He left me with the open face, I never imagined that it would become that monument.

Years later I saw her again, the impressive effect had disappeared, she needed dollars for “maintenance” and she did not have them, sagging breasts and buttocks, elongated, abnormal face, eyelids that showed the passage of years. It was the same, but it was not the same body, the same face. I think we would all like to be young forever, you can do youthful lapses with the ticket looking for the best surgeons, it’s like painting an old car that can look like new … and the engine? A pure fucking walk.

At a mall I met a friend who immediately told me, “Can I ask you a question? Whatever you want, I answered. “Where you put the years, I do not see it grow old, give me the formula. Very well, “I said,” we must first leave the vices. ” I do not drink liquor, I have not smoked for many years, I left lust aside, I am a man of one woman, which cost me a lot, I am not in trouble, I do not like to gossip, I try to keep my tongue in subjection , I have no more worries than to go ahead with my family, so I come home and sleep peacefully with the conscience in peace, if I criticize I send blessings to those who do, I do not envy anyone, I try to serve others and Above all things I love and fear God, “the friend stared at me and said: It is a very good formula but difficult to follow.

Take out the account. This illustrious male was born on February 15, 1940, premature, seven months pregnant, weighing only three pounds, but as God is good: “The only good” has treated me well in the way of my existence. A politician told me that he would have surgery to remove his gut, dark circles and stretch his beak a little: “I’m going to see candela,” he said, “and who knows how many broken hearts will be left there,” I said. Thinking what will happen in six years with your face? Look at Silvester Stalon and other artists, the case of Micke Jackson, in the end ran out of nose, walked a prosthesis, you can not abuse what God has created. He stared at me and said, you’re right.

It’s all a matter of taste, that can be done surgery and spend billetón to look young can do it I mean that time not person despite surgeries, six years to look young and then comes the reality. What I want to tell you is that everything has its price, sometimes things do not go as we have thought and enjoy an ephemeral happiness when it comes to implants, surgeries, liposuctions, etc. It is a way of warning you not to do it, regret will come later and double by the terrible transformations that have tried those who try to stay young as it gives rise. Of course we all have the right to do whatever we please, but there are issues that need to be thought through when we see the evidence in other mirrors.

Meg Ryan is an internationally famous artist, she looked cool, beautiful, like those country flowers. The years went by and her profession was sent to do a surgery, everything went well at the beginning and today, that beautiful woman is not even the shadow of what was, her beauty disappeared by the effects of surgery, and despite being A relatively young woman might have tried to look like a fifteen-year-old and succeeded, but the time she does not forgive has begun to charge her. You can stop old age with surgery only superficially, but the years do not stop, its effects are devastating when someone has abused those plastic operations. If I had a surgery, maybe I would stay … Aha, and the pain of the legs and arms, the discomforts of old age? No pope, we must grow up worthily and enjoy healthily the years of life that God gives us.

4 Tips for Selecting a Search Engine Positioning Service

The exercise of finding a search seo service brisbane on the web can be complex and at the same time interesting. If you search on Google “SEO Companies” filtering the results for companies that are located in Spain, you will find more than 7 million results. Therefore, the task is not simple and fast at all.

To begin, you can ask the budget to about 10 different companies after having eliminated 20 of them reading your commercial information on the websites. The reasons for setting them aside may be different, but it is usually because they offer false expectations. In this sense, below we will tell you what you must do to choose the best service and hire different plans of positioning .

Search for recognized companies 

First, to select the most suitable search engine positioning company that offers you a contract that reflects each of the rights and obligations of the parties. If it is a company that guarantees you to be the number one ranking, you have a very weighty reason to doubt. No one can guarantee you a number one ranking in the leading search engine worldwide: Google. This is even true for phrases or keywords not very competitive. Make sure that the company you choose focuses on the importance of positioning for your company.

An important tip to take into account when selecting a reputed website  positioning company are the different success stories with which the service company counts. Do not hesitate to request them via email. Ask them to send you a list of the different demonstrable cases of success in order to corroborate the veracity of the company and that these cases have been made by the company in question and not by another different. This way, you will realize if you can trust the SEO company that you want to select.

Check where they are positioned

As it is a positioning services company, then your website should be positioned by certain searches of the sector “SEO”, “Positioning in Google”, “Search Engine Positioning”, “Search Engine Marketing”, “SEO Consulting”, between others. This kind of search can help you a lot when making the selection of the SEO company that really is professional. This is another way of corroborating the veracity of the company that you want to hire.

On the other hand, a company that is characterized by offering positioning services, should provide references of other clients, with which you can verify the quality of the service. Also ask where they are located. Nowadays it is very easy to create a “company” and at first impression it seems that it really is a well-formed company, however, in some cases this is not so. Some of them are not registered or have offices where you can go directly to consult.

Inquire about experience

It can be said that SEO is not about an activity that is about 40 or 50 years old but it does have a few. For this reason, it is essential to hire the services of a company that has previous experience and with several years in the market. Or, failing that, hire a company in which professionals working in it have enough experience to offer a professional positioning service in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

The best way to observe the work done by any company is through the detailed submission of monthly reports. This way, you will be able to see what your work status is and the amount of resources that are allocated. Therefore, it makes sure that the company establishes several measures of weekly or biweekly reports that indicate the work done by the experts in SEO, as well as the time that has been used to do each one of said works.

Check out the services they offer

Usually, you can see how different hosting companies and website designs, provide search engine positioning services. However, in most cases, such services are usually very basic, making the chances of achieving good results can be significantly reduced if any company is hired. Ideally, hire one that is dedicated exclusively to web positioning techniques such as unique content and quality and everything related to the topic.

Finally, try to be careful with those SEO companies that promise to have thousands of links to your site. You must take into account that it is not the number of webs that makes the difference, but it is the quality of the same. Also, if you want to obtain more information about the positioning in search engines , do not hesitate to consult with our company and contract our positioning service .


Dawn of the planet of the apes, Tarzan, 2001, King Kong and other goodies of cinema.

The dawn of the planet of the apes directed by Matt Reeves reminds us that they are monkeys and not dogs, in the cinema, the best (and worst) friends of the man. Ceasar (Andy Serkis) is the latest example of a series of apelike protagonists who have shone in the cinema from the 1930s, when King Kong climbed the Empire State Building giving us one of the most emblematic images of the film.

In this report on this week movie2k reviewed 15 titles of all time in which chimpanzees, orang-utans, monkeys camel and gorillas have stolen, totally or partially, the role human beings. What is your favorite film monkey? Watch on xmovies8 and leave us your comments!


The planet of the apes (1968-2016)

The forgotten and indispensable today Franklin j. Schaffner opened a franchise whose political and social substance has done nothing but grow over the years, with the exception of the failed, boring, remake of Tim BurtonRemind us of the Dr. Zaius, Zira and Lucius, Cornelius evil and, of course, Caesar (Andy Serkis), absolute protagonist of the new series, whose third installment, again directed by Matt Reeves, will come in 2016, you can watch series online of this movie here.


King Kong (2005)

The King Kong is one of the most iconic creatures of the seventh art. We saw him for the first time in 1933, in the classic directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, and in the 1970s a young Jeff Bridges was chasing him. Despite widespread criticism, we have weakness for the latest version of Peter Jackson, in which Andy Serkis lent their skills to the monkey and Naomi Watts left him K.O. staring. It certainly deserves a free review dde prejudices.


Tarzan of the apes (1932)

Chunky muscles of Johnny Weissmuller, the immortal character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the presences most iconic film adventures of the 1930s and 40 in Hollywood. At his side, always, mona Cheeta, a trained chimpanzee who survived all the members of the original cast until dying in 2011, at the age of 80. In fiction was simia, but in reality was a chimpanzee male who lived better than many humans.


2001, an Odyssey of the space (1968)

Moon-Watcher. So called ape protagonist of 2001, a space Odyssey, as the novelist imagined what Arthur C. Clarke in his book titled, published after the film’s premiere.The first and unforgettable 20 minutes of the film by Stanley Kubrick were characterized by a community of apes in which Moon-Watcher, by effect of the monolith, learns what survival to be settled to your fellows. Was it right? History not denies it.


Gorillas in the mist (1986)

The same year that the Lieutenant Ripley achicharraba to the Queen Mother of Aliens, Sigourney Weaver starring one of their strongest dramatic roles. The Dian Fossey, naturalist and biologist famous for his studies on the behavior of the gorillas.Michael Apted gave the best of himself behind the scenes of an environmentalist drama whose apelike characters were more human than the scoundrels who sought to sell his skin to a zoo.

Congo (1995)

The success of Jurassic Park became a Bonbon susceptible of being devoured by the machinery of Hollywood any novel by the late Michael Crichton . At the time a disaster, time has not treated all wrong this entertaining adventure film, directed by Frank Marshall, in which a huge, intelligent Gorilla named Amy helps its human caregiver (Dylan Walsh) to solve a mystery at the heart of the Congo. Unforgettable score by Jerry Goldsmith.


My friend Joe (1998)

The Disney of the 1990s, which treated viewers as amoebae without will, produced this loose remake of King Kong, which starred, eye, Bill Paxton and Charlize Theron.Both were a pair of naturalists raised arms against the thugs who wanted to liquidate to Joe, a huge Gorilla even more enormous heart. There are scenes that give embarrassment, but still it is worth looking at the caretos of Paxton and Theron to Joe as if it were your child.


Instinct (1999)

Anthony Hopkins is the hanger and almost the only attraction of this thriller directed with her usual reluctance by Jon Turteltaub. Hannibal gives life on this occasion to a prestigious anthropologist who, tired of his fellows, long to the judges to live in communion with the gorillas. They learn the supposed humanity lost by men, but also a killer instinct that turns him into a sociopath. Attentive to the umpteenth disturbing role of Donald Sutherland, expert say it all by lifting an eyebrow.


Outbreak (1995)

Wolfgang Petersen, that the same applies to a broken that for y, was at the controls of this cumbersome appliance service of a Dustin Hoffman by countless tics and the urgent need to collect fresh money. His character, Sam Daniels, is a military scientist on the hunt for the patient zero of a viral epidemic that threatens to kill millions of people. The culprit is a monete, Houdini manner, which evaporates while trying to capture it. The cast was completed by Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Donald Sutherland.


Project X (1987)

Today enfangado on TV (was one of the directors of emergency bedside), Jonathan Kaplan lived his moment of glory in the 1980s thanks to films like this typical vehicle in the service of the then teen idol Matthew Broderick. In company of a shameful Helen Hunt, now husband of Sarah Jessica Parker tried to save a few chimpanzees victims of terrible military experiments. Something like a war with environmentalist message games.

Diabolical attraction (1988)

One of the most inspired, and unknown, films of George a. Romerois this psychological horror film in which a quadriplegic lives in a perpetual state of horror before the atrocities who commits his pet monkey, in principle trained to help you, but is revealed to be a bug with bad baba and thirst for blood. The script, own Rosemary, adapts a novelita of Michael Stewart.


Hangover 2. Now in Thailand! (2011)

Although the saga of Todd Philips was clearly more to less, fans remember fondly mono camel that accompanied its protagonists during his crazy tour of Thailand.Dressed in denim and the logo of the Rolling Stones, the monete did everything from sexual favors to steal anything that is put within the reach of his claws.


Hard to peel (1978)

The orangutan Clyde is the baza comic of two films by Clint Eastwood which today are somewhat ridiculous, hard to peel and its sequel the big fight. Philo Beddoe is a truck driver and clandestine boxer who makes a living in fights with other stray bullets. His brother’s blood (Geoffrey Lewis) Orville and Clyde, won in a bet, good help win matches and win girls. One of those films that now would be not the screen of a study.


Monkey Bone (2001)

The boundless imagination of Henry Selick, based on a graphic novel by Kaja Blackley, Brendan Fraser gave one of the most endearing and fun career roles. She plays a cartoonist who left in coma, is immersed in a fantasy world inhabited by creatures of his invention. These include Monkeybone, a mono verbose and scoundrel who makes the mess whenever turn. A jewel unjustly mistreated at the time.


The book of the jungle (1967)

We finished with a classic checked by the best version of Disney. The novel byRudyard Kipling, conveniently domesticated by the study other minds, translates into a blissful sequence of musical scenes featuring Mowgli and his friends in the jungle. The singer Louis Prima lent his voice to King Louie of the apes, ringleader of a gang of apes in a suspicious State of perpetual drunkenness.



3 truths like fists on the movie “Planet of the apes” called advertising

planeta de los simios

“In the creative universe, and in case of doubt, it is always possible to resort to trained monkeys”. This phrase, exit a few weeks from the lips of Alexander Schill, creative director of the German Agency Serviceplan, has led to a real earthquake in the German advertising industry.

But, is advertising really a kind of “Planet of the apes”? No, fortunately has not reached even the blood River. The universe of advertising agencies is not “Simian” but simply confusing. And out of confusion, it is necessary that the advertising industry make yours as soon as possible the truths which then lists Nils Wollny, director of strategy at the German Agency Sinner Schrader, at Calgary, AB video production :

1. The ideas have no value
The ideas, those that were once the beacon illuminating the advertising industry and the world in general, have been unfortunately orphans of value. The ideas are no longer the main asset of the agencies. Its greatest asset is today the talent. Advertisers want to invest in talent and not so much on ideas. Agencies should be the natural habitat of those talents that can not lift the flight in the rigid corporate structures of a company.

2. The creation is digital artistic engineering
As engineers, the advertising should work to find solutions to the problems of its clients. However, such solutions must be coated necessarily art, digital art. With the technological boom in full swing, the advertising must be both engineers and artists.

3. The agencies do not have even a digital business model
Advertising agencies are you poking the tooth to scanning digital talent recruiting and expanding its digital portfolio. However, to survive in the new digital agency Thailand, agencies must go a step further and develop technologies and digital marketing services that are truly proprietary. The marketing service in the cloud Next Audience of WPP and new Solutions of McKinsey division are models to be followed in this regard. The future of agencies necessarily passes through this type of service.


Lessons in leadership and management for social primates

200,000 years ago, groups of human primates began to manage his abilities, according to anthropologist Bermúdez de Castro.

[foto de la noticia]

The hunting of the bison to the Apple iPad.Atapuerca to Silicon Valley, the homo sapiens has managed as any other species their talent and skills. If someone can talk about this amazing transformation is the anthropologist José María Bermúdez de Castro, director of the National Center for research on human evolution (Cenieh), Co-Director of the Atapuerca research team, together with Juan Luis Arsuarga and Eudald Carbonell, and Prince of Asturias Award for scientific and technical research.

Anthropology shows that the leaders of the Pleistocene already pointed ways. Our ancestors applied to what is now taught in business schools. A leader must have enough social skills to channel the internal problems of the group, capacity hierarchical to assume control of computers and impose a direction clear actions to achieve a goal. And during the Pleistocene, groups of different species of the genus Homo “would have based their organization on the existence of a natural leader”.

This is one of the many subjects José María Bermúdez de Castro addressed in the essay the development of talent. How our origins determine our present (Debate). Exciting, informative, and understandable for everyone, the book explains what today we retain our ancestors of six million years ago, and deals with issues such as territoriality, the hierarchy, love and sex, the creativity and mental health. But the chapters on leadership and talent management are very illustrative.

Near the chimpanzee
Bermúdez de Castro explained that “we are conditioned by basic elements of primate behavior.In the book I discuss what features have made us human that one percent that separates us from chimpanzees, which is very low… or can be much”.

Our species, homo sapiens appeared in Africa 200,000 years ago. “Your brain now had the same volume than ours. As a species, we have taken 200,000 years to reach the Moon”. But the legacy of our ancestors is the talent, which began to increase by the interaction of individuals.The concept of  management software was born.

“Demographic growth did we interactuáramos, which go us information and exchanged ideas and skills.” Thus arose the innovation and creativity. “Thanks to that collective brain have been able to get where we are: we have loaded programs in our brain”.

Social primates had leaders. Bermúdez de Castro, who has given many lectures to entrepreneurs, is also a manager of scientific equipment, and has developed his theory of leadership. “It’s a biological trait of behavior that we can trace the evolutionary step of the Hominin lineage to our common ancestor with the chimpanzee lineage.”

This anthropologist, one of the greatest world experts on human evolution, defends the existence of a natural leadership with some genetic basis, against the theories of many gurus. “A leader can not manufacture; do not you learn to be a leader”.

These capabilities would come built-in serial, and boost the training and experience. “Our species has a genetic code that has between 20,000 and 25,000 genes operating. These genes are put into operation since the Zygote is formed in the womb until we are adults, and begin to work sequentially during the development of the human being. There are genes that predetermine our character and interact with the environment. The product of this interaction is what determines the final character”.

For Bermúdez de Castro, the leadership is a scarce talent. “In a society there cannot be many leaders. Most like to send him. On the other hand, we strive to create leaders: they are natural leaders, but with the proper training, we do send. In the long run, this does not work”.

The anthropologist explains that we are the more social species that has existed in the world of primates. And in these species there is always a herd or group leader. In chimpanzees is the alpha male, that defends the territory and organizes the search for food. It is capable of making the group to survive and operate. “That’s the natural leader, seeking to obtain the common good.And that is applicable to any company.”

On this trip to our origins, Bermúdez de Castro reflects on our present. “We are not as special or as upper – argues-. “In our case, everything is masked by a culture and very sophisticated technology, but are one species with our miseries and our wonders”.

Welcome at the monkey mountain

Timetables 2015

The Park welcomes the public every day from March 21 to November 8 and November 11, 2015.

March *, April: 10 h – 12 h / 13 h – 17 h
May, June: 10 h – 12 h / 13 h – 18 h
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* from March 21
up to 8 November included

Sundays and holidays, Park remains open from 12 h to 13 h
(i.e. 10 h – 17 h non stop or 10 h – 18 h non-stop).

Caisses close 1/2 hour before the Park.

Other practical information

• It takes on average 1 hour for the visit.
• The course is about 800 meters long.
• Feeding information sessions take place every 3/4 hours approximately.
• The Park is prohibited pets.
• Popcorn that is offered to you at the entrance is the only food allowed in the Park.



Did you know? Caisses close ½ hour before the Park.

Individual rates 2015

Adults €9,00
Child (5-14 years) €5,50
Free for less than 5 years

Adult discounted * €8,00
Discounted child (from 5 to 14 years) * €4.50

* on presentation of proof: disabled, students (post bac) cards Cezam Member Coop, guide routard, Passport home Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, Haut-Koenigsbourg shuttle ticket.

Means of payment accepted: cash, cheques, credit cards, cheques holidays.

Tariffs groups from 20 people. More info

Brent, a winner primate of a painting competition


Brent , primate Louisiana 37 years in US, has won a  painting competition on the Internet where  have voted more than 27,000 users.

Note that the contest was only for chimpanzees clearly.

Brent has swept pass and won the  $ 10,000  winner-wearing and which in this case will go to the shelter where chimpanzees live since 2006.

The living center where Brent is intended chimpanzee retirement from showbiz, the pet trade or laboratories.

Behind him were left  Cheetah and Ripley , which will be shared between the two $ 12,500 which is also used for other shelters for these animals.

Caring for a monkey

Owning a pet monkey involves many great challenges, but could also be boon companions for a lifetime. Caring for a monkey requires much time, money, patience and is one of the biggest commitments you will. If you are the special type of person that can accommodate a monkey begins to inform you about the type of primate that best go with you. Give him a strong cage equipped with many toys and be prepared to spend many hours playing with your pet to help you feel at ease. If you want to know more about what you must do to share your home with a pet monkey, go to step 1.

Part 1 of 3: Prepare to bring home a monkey

  1. Take Care of a Monkey Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    Research the species of monkeys. The monkeys belonging to the genus of primates and are divided into families of New World primates (the children who live in trees of South America) and Old World (the largest living land and the trees of Asia and Africa). Each type of monkey has unique characteristics that affect their behavior as pets. Before you decide which type to buy, learn much about their characteristics. Read books, talk to owners and try to know as many monkeys as you can.

    • The squirrel, capuchin, spider monkeys and macaques monkeys are some examples that can be had as a pet. Some are more sociable, while others are more nervous. General care for these monkeys are almost the same, although larger need more space than smaller ones.
    • The primates such as chimpanzees and orangutans should not be taken as pets. They are much stronger than humans and could be quite dangerous in domestic situations.
  2. Take Care of a Monkey Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Get ready for a big commitment. Bring home a monkey is an equal commitment larger than deciding to have a child. The monkeys need attention all day, every day and, unlike cats and dogs can not stay home alone for long periods of time. When the monkey endears you will want to follow you everywhere and if you try to leave him alone, bored, become depressed and become aggressive. The monkeys live up to 20-40 years, so bring one home involve committing to spend much of your life meeting their needs. Before you decide to have a pet monkey, consider the following information life one:

    • The monkey could become aggressive. When monkeys are babies, they are dependent and tender, like human babies. But when they reach sexual maturity, ie after 3 or 4 years, their behavior becomes unpredictable. It is said that monkeys are wild animals and, unlike cats and dogs, have not socialized to live with humans for thousands of years. All monkeys have been fond of a human as babies may bite or attack unpredictably owner or be very difficult to live with.
    • You’ll have to say goodbye to your free time. Monkeys can not be left alone on their own. They need constant attention and care, but could end up hurting themselves or someone else. And tend to become attached only to a person, it will be difficult to find a nanny monkeys when you need to be alone.
    • Your monkey could prevent you from having the relationship you want. These tend to become attached only to a few people. Having one could stop you have more closeness with those potential partners to the monkey react negatively.Monkeys do not get along well with children, so having one could stop you having your own family.
    • Although, if you are one of those few who have the temperament and discipline to devote his life to ensure a monkey, then you could enjoy a wonderful experience. Monkeys are intelligent, fun and sometimes surprisingly affectionate. Many people who share their lives with monkeys accept the challenges and would not change their time with their loved pets for nothing.
  3. Take Care of a Monkey Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Find out if it’s legal ownership of a monkey in your country. It is illegal to keep pet monkeys in many countries and most probably pass laws against this practice in the future. Therefore, when you have one, it will be difficult to move to another country or travel for many. In the US, it is illegal to enter the country with a monkey, that means that if you live in that country, not able to exit and reenter with him.

    • Some countries allow ownership of monkeys as pets, but have strict regulations on specific conditions.
    • The regulations have monkeys as pets vary by country. Find out about the laws in your jurisdiction to know if they impose any restrictions thereon.
  4. Take Care of a Monkey Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    Looking for a seller or a breeder excellent reputation. When you decide it’s time to have a monkey, see if a seller or a trusted reputable breeder in your area. If you live in the US, that person by law must have a license number issued by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    • Ask the seller or breeder contact information for any of their customers. That way, you’ll corroborate the health and behavior of the monkeys. [1]
    • You’ll pay more than $ 1,000 for a monkey of any species. A baby squirrel monkey could cost more than $ 8,000. The older are less expensive, but are much more difficult to manage at home.
    • Before buying, check the monkey you would like to buy and make sure they have a natural link and can imagine living with him.
    • Never buy a monkey in a foreign country. The shipment of monkeys is illegal in most countries.
  5. Take Care of a Monkey Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Search exotic animal veterinarian near you. Before bringing the primate home, it is important that you establish a relationship with an exotic animal veterinarian.One regulate not have the expertise or equipment needed to care for one. Monkeys are likely to acquire some of the same diseases as humans and as often, so keep in mind that your pet will get sick from time to time. An exotic animal veterinarian will also be a good contact for you to ask questions about the needs and problems of animal behavior.[2]


Part 2 of 3: Providing food and shelter

  1. Take Care of a Monkey Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    Build or buy a cage for monkeys. While your pet spend much time out of their cage, anyway need a place to stay at night and when you can not play. The monkey cage should be large enough, the more the better. [3] The monkeys need lots of space to run around, explore and play, especially if they are going to spend more than one or two caged hours.If the cage is too small, the animal will become agitated and potentially aggressive.

    • Buy the cage, but many owners prefer to build it themselves so they can customize it to your personal space. The sticks of wood or steel fences chains are good materials for such cages. You may also want to have an outdoor cage plus the inside or want to build a cage attached to a heated outdoor shed that gives shelter.
    • Be sure to comply with the regulations of your country regarding size, inputs and locks cages. In some cases, the regulations vary by type of monkey.
    • The monkeys like to climb, so take care that the cage has enough height. Put branches, hanging ropes and other elements that allow you to climb inside.
  2. Take Care of a Monkey Step 7.jpg
    Adapt your home to test monkeys. Most primates owners let their pets spend their time at home, not only in their cages. The monkeys are curious and intelligent creatures that go into everything what you can, so you need to take the time to remove objects that could damage or hurt.As you can climb, adapt the proof house monkeys will be a much more extensive than for babies suit test work.

    • Do not let the monkeys have access to everything that has a rope. Make sure all electronics are out of reach.
    • They tore the curtains, lamps throw down and chew the furniture. Get all the items that you would not want to destroy.
    • You might want to designate one or two “rooms for Monkey” where you can play freely and have him banned from the rest of the house. Remember that these animals can open doors and windows, so if you plan to leave it unattended, you must make sure the room is as safe as the cage windows should have locks and bars.
  3. Take Care of a Monkey Step 8.jpg
    Keep clean space monkey. The monkey kept clean their bodies, but they leave a mess everywhere you go. They are not easy to train and defecate anytime and anywhere. Some put them diapers to babies, but it will not be possible once mature. Rather, you should have thought mess clean up your pet at least once a day to keep the cage and your home in good sanitary conditions.
  4. Take Care of a Monkey Step 9.jpg
    Dale clean bottles of water every day. The monkeys should always have access to fresh water they can drink clean bottles. For that purpose, you could use bottles.Some prefer to drink from a dish, other prefer both. However, you are responsible for giving water, so make sure you do not run out.
  5. Take Care of a Monkey Step 10.jpg
    Dale cookies, fruits and vegetables for monkey. You must give cookies for mono (or trade food for apes) every day.These cookies contain the right combination of vitamins and minerals necessary for the needs of the animal.In addition to the special cookies, like fruits and vegetables or steamed chopped.

    • You should also give grasshoppers, edible worms, cooked chicken (no spices), boiled eggs, yogurt, rice, grains and nuts.
    • Do not feed it what humans consider “junk food”. You should never give awards sugar, ice cream, bakery, snacks, fast food and raw meat.
    • Depending on the type of monkey that you have, perhaps you have to give vitamin supplements. The monkeys in captivity need an extra dose of vitamin D to counteract the lack of sun exposure.
    • If it’s too difficult, hire catering equipment to feed the monkey.


Part 3 of 3: Socialize and train the monkey

  1. Take Care of a Monkey Step 11.jpg
    Give the monkey many toys and stimulation. The monkeys need a variety of stimulation to be happy.In the wild, they spend most of their time climbing trees and looking for food.Simulates the experience monkey cage and around the home, give many interesting things to play and break.

    • Try monkey hiding food in a box or container with small holes so you can stick their hand. The monkey will have fun trying to figure out how to get the food.
    • Dale stuffed animals, balls and other toys that can pull and with whom to play.Varies toys frequently so you do not get bored.
  2. Take Care of a Monkey Step 12.jpg
    Play with the monkey every day. These animals are social creatures and when they feel neglected for too long, they get very unhappy.Spend several hours playing with it every day.As you compenetrándote with him, he will begin to trust you and climb to hug your body and give you kisses.

    • If you have more than one, you will not need to spend much time socializing.Many monkeys are happiest living with his kind. If you have the money to buy more than one, they will live happily in the same cage.
  3. Take Care of a Monkey Step 13.jpg
    Never punish the monkey. I Hitting or yelling will have fear of you.Nor will it be for nothing if you want to control their behavior.Remember that the monkeys are wild and simply can not be trained to do exactly what you want to do.Occasionally, it will display behaviors that you will not appease, but hit only hurt the relationship between you.

    • The best way to deal with any negative behavior is to make sure you do not miss what you need to content yourself: do you have enough of daily stimulation? Are there enough years ago? Do you play with it enough?
    • The monkeys who are afraid or agitated could bite occasionally. We’ll say it again, you can not solve that problem punishing rather know more about their moods and learn to leave him alone when you feel like biting.
  4. Take Care of a Monkey Step 14.jpg
    Do not let the monkey play with strangers. We do not recommend him to the public and invite anyone home to play with him.Monkeys are too unpredictable.If an accident happens, I could take them away.If yours too Spider someone, a representative of the animal control office has the right to confiscártelo and make an analysis of rabies.When exotic animals are confiscated, they are usually kills, since there is no law requiring quarantine periods for such animals (unlike pets like cats and dogs).

    • If you have to leave town and leave the monkey on someone else’s home, make sure it’s someone you’ve been many times and trust. Leave a stranger could become stressed, which could lead to dangerous consequences.
  5. Take Care of a Monkey Step 15.jpg
    Enjoy communicating with the monkey. Call him by name when you feed or give a toy to begin to learn it. When you answer, give an award and congratulate him. Teach orders showing you how you should behave, for example, if you say “dances”, starts jumping and dancing. When you learn a trick, give awards and praise him.

Review: The House of the primates of Sara Gruen

By the same author of Water for Elephants, the Suma de Letras publishing house brings primates, a story full of tenderness and love for animals. Animals don’t need people to buy Bali villa for them. They just need a house to live, which is the environment we are destroying.

The primates, particularly bonobos appear here, are the species most humans are alike and here we will see to what extent. We will witness their behavior, their learning and communication through sign language and am convencidísima all animal lovers will find this book a welcome companion.

Already in Water for Elephant s the author showed clear his tender love to tell stories with a point of reflection in behavior that some people with animals. I liked it as the protagonist, Isabel, despite having suffered an attack in their own flesh worries over bonobos than herself. Do not miss a moment and do everything possible to recover these creatures coexisting with carrying nearly eight years.

Another part of the story is John, the truth is that some fragments have seemed a little padding (everything about Amanda …) but hey, it is also true that something had to add frame to avoid will be very short.

The way to tell is fluid and agile so without realizing just taking will hand over the pages, and so raise your head, you have come to the last word. Having the two books have been published in Castilian of this author, I have to say that I liked it more; probably has to do with that romance Water for Elephants has a relatively important role and did not finish my jig and this time are the bonobos and love of Isabel they who carry the weight of the book.

Comment something I discovered after finishing the book is that the author really has not only written about primates but have also played an important role in his life out of paper. It was a center for care of these animals in Iowa and studied sign language to communicate with them. Logically this owed to create a strong impression to have even written a book about them and I found very curious, because besides being an unforgettable experience adds a touch of realism that other books do not have.

I do not want to dwell too much because the primate house contains a beautiful story and I wish those who dare to read it do so knowing as little as possible of it. I’ll just say that in addition to the tenderness that inspire these wonderful animals, you can see how cruel can become two-legged beings and the terrible influence of TV in our lives.

The primate that mimics human

When you read the article below we could believe that the company gave birth to a beautiful baby, the magic wand that many people were waiting for so long.

Psychiatrists from have been so many studies have so many degrees! Theoretically they should be even more talented and capable than the doctors of all stripes since they would have been 10 years of training plus other studies, but make no mistake,


The truth is that their only concern is to sell drugs and not just any, drugs that destroy the body and mind. So when your head not working well, when you start having anxiety or insomnia after taking drugs prescribed by psychiatrists, they will provide more.

The newspaper that published this article, as psychiatrists, should be punished not the law, the rights of the deception to man on the promises made to non Results and violation of basic human rights.


The psychiatrist

Doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, the psychiatrist is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs.

Doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, the psychiatrist is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs.

His training

Unlike other professionals, the psychiatrist is a doctor. So this is the only practitioner authorized to prescribe medication. He completed the full cycle of medical studies at the university, before specializing in psychiatry, which corresponds to a total of ten years of studies. Often psychiatrists complete their medical curriculum with training in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.Allowing them to accumulate titles.

In which cases consult?

The psychiatrist  diagnoses and treats mental disorders. However, if it heals heavy diseases such as schizophrenia, paranoia, autism, or manic-depressive, he treats also the lightest and common mental disorders: depression, anxiety attacks, phobias, insomnia … Do not refuse a psychiatrist on the grounds that you are not seriously ill.

His methods

First, the patient receives the psychiatrist in consultation to determine the nature of the disorder. He resorts to listen and to work on the body, and sometimes offers psychotherapy, according to his training. If necessary, it may also prescribe achemical treatment. For this, it has an arsenal of drugs. There is talk of psychotropic : antidepressants for depression, antipsychotics for schizophrenia, anxiolytics to calm anxieties … If necessary, the psychiatrist may suggest or impose ahospital .

Practical info

The psychiatrist is a doctor, consultations are reimbursed by social security. As for prices, count 41 € session for sector psychiatrists 1. For others, the fees are free and can easily climb. The psychiatrist in private practice, hospitals, clinics, in community mental health center (CMP) or medico-psycho-educational center.

A Very Monkey Spy

Original title
Head Teacher
Robert Vince,
Robert Vince , Anna McRoberts
Michael Southon , Mike Southon
Brahm Wenger
Chris Potter , Richard Kind , Emma Roberts , Michael Bailey Smith , Musetta Vander , Debra Jo Rupp, Pat Morita
Minkey, a gifted chimpanzee, and his partner Mike, have worked together on numerous impossible missions becoming the best team of spies in the world.The obligations of Mike with his family make the fantastic duo may be away, but only for a while, because now Mike’s daughter has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Farley.Add Annotation
The opinion of Mr. Dreamy
Critical: 3

Normally usually look very good sojos these products being very open about the quality of the film and who is addressed, but I found so very bland and ridiculous that I have not been able to save anywhere. 
The producers have already made Air Bud, a film that I liked at the time and which today continues to generate sequels, but this however well the attempt to see me like a toothache, but my little cousin enjoy. 
Emma Roberts, niece Julia Roberts, well, is not too obnoxious, this year already theatrical release juvenile comedy “Aquamarine” reaping all kinds of reviews but still has a long way to meet his great aunt. 
In conclusion, to watch movies Monkey is better to see “My Colleague Dunston” that at least is fun and original.Add Annotation


image A Very Monkey SpyAdd Annotation

YouTube: mono saved his friend and the world admires

The world has fallen in love with a monkey ‘hero’ who risked his life to save his friend, who was unconscious on the tracks after electrocuted by a cable. The fact was caught on video then posted on YouTube.

According to The Telegraph, the curious incident occurred last Saturday at the train station in the city of Kanpur, India.

(The clip on YouTube )

In the recording of YouTube you can see how the little ape about their fallen amid the railroad tracks and partner tries to revive hitting, biting and even throwing water.

In the video for Youtube is the attitude worried primate, which is by all means waking your partner.

The situation ended after 20 minutes, when electrocuted monkey began to show signs of life.

It is difficult to estimate the popularity of video on YouTube. Hours after the first media began to spread the weekend, dozens of versions of it scattered over the web, each adding thousands of views. But we think that the owner of the video may buy safe youtube views.

Use of non-human primates in experiments

Some 10,000 non-human primates are currently used as experimental animals only in the European Union. Despite the great ethical dilemma of using them and they have begun using alternative methods, experts insist they are still needed.

Iribar Andrea Lopez and Maria Martinez Del Barrio Fuencisla
second cycle students
Veterinary Faculty, Campus de Lugo
University of Santiago de Compostela
This work was supervised by Cristina Castillo, Faculty of Veterinary Campus Lugo (USC)
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Currently, about 12 million animals are used for scientific purposes each year in the European Union, of these, 10,000 are non-human primates (NHP). Although it is known that the use of primates as experimental animals is declining due to ethical and moral dilemma that generates and implementation of alternative methods, experts insist that their use remains necessary. Indeed, there are many reasons for the use of PNH in experimentation but, undoubtedly, the principal is based on similarities to physiological, biological and evolutionary level with respect to humans. There are also many advances in psychology, physiology or medicine, which would not have been possible without these investigations.

The most frequent laboratory are Rhesus monkeys ( Macaca mulatta ), which will be the name of the Rh factor, and cynomolgus monkey ( Macaca fascicularis ), which was used to determine the effects of lenalidomide, which produced malformations Fetal after administration in pregnant animals.


Mono cynomolgus ( Macaca fascicularis ), a la izquierda, y mono rhesus ( Macaca mulatta ).

In recent years, marmosets ( Callithrix jacchus ) have become the new “rats”. The high genetic heritability demonstrated by recent Japanese study has led to these small apes to become a new pinecone research review model difficult to study neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Alzheimer’s.

Today, primates are only used in animal testing if there are no suitable alternative methods or species. Mainly used in safety testing of pharmaceutical products and devices, but also for basic research in biology and development of products and medical devices.

Nearly all primates used in scientific experiments are descended from animals bred in captivity, sometimes for several generations. Except some cases, research with animals born in captivity usually provide more reliable and accurate than those performed with animals born in the wild and captured data. The latter are used rarely to investigate, but are still required to avoid the negative effects of inbreeding. Still, the debate is. An article published in the journal Nature, in March 2012, echoed the protests raised by various social groups to companies transporting primates for research (Air France, Air Canadian) from Mauritius or Southeast Asia to Europe and the United became States, primary recipients.

And these animals will focus our work. While in recent years have made significant investments to improve housing conditions of captive primates for research, there are still unknowns in their physical and social needs.


Types of stress to which they are subjected PNH captured

Social stress

  • The catch: we speak abruptly displaced animals from their natural environment to another purely scientific.Depending on the characteristics of the species, primate character, the shooting situation and the new environment it is exposed, is frequent occurrence of depressive states and / or aggressive behavior.
  • Isolation: either for reasons of quarantine, ease of use and convenience, affects animals are gregarious. This helps to maintain the state of stress of the animal, appearing stereotyping, and / or self-mutilation.
  • Early weaning: the units that are separated from the mother early, often less adaptable, often showing deficiencies in social behavior, stereotypes and even abnormalities in the endocrine and immune systems and make feasible or not credible any subsequent investigation. But these problems affect not only the young, the mother can reach neglecting future litters, causing them social and behavioral deficits. It is therefore advisable to avoid using this type of animal.

Management and environmental stress

  • Transportation to the destination: it is easy for an ape captured suffer hyperthermia and dizziness while traveling.This is exacerbated if the transport conditions are bad: poor ventilation, overcrowding or reduced in size cages bring a shortage of movements that increase anxiety.
  • The change of power: the primates are animals that spend most of their time in getting food. The administration scheduled thereof (1-2 shots, at certain times) negatively alters their behavior. In these cases, it is recommended to hide food in the passenger or the use of devices that access to food is indirect and requires an expenditure of time.So stereotypical behavior boredom and lack of encouragement would be avoided. Sadly, many laboratories use the deprivation of food and water to get the primate more participatory with the experiment …
  • Noises: when the monkey arrives at the laboratory, all noises to which it is subjected are new to it and can not hide or flee as would be usual in their natural environment. However, the most stressful noises are caused by other apes to be removed from the cages, tested or abnormal vocalizations.
  • Light: sunlight is minimal and basic need that any mammal needs. You can imagine the confusion of an animal accustomed to a natural environment with physiological regulation of the photoperiod, subjected to an environment where the only light source is artificial.
  • Physical activity: laboratory NHP spend much of their time stuck in cages that substantially limit their movement.This unnatural situation, especially in animals with a daily activity, promotes the development of metabolic and musculoskeletal problems.
  • Human contact: this is one of the factors that cause stress and is inevitable. Managing to get them out of their cage, the evidence to which they are subjected, clinical examinations to assess their health status or immobilization methods employed cause great anxiety. The animal then feel absolutely helpless and at the mercy of danger, so his excitement, restlessness and anxiety reach, most likely, the maximum tolerable period. The use of drugs tranquilizers help you cope, without affecting the health of the animal. In this sense, a staff trained and prepared, aware of the needs of these animals, help minimize anxiety and tension present. We believe that should be required of all biomedical research groups conducting courses recognized animal experimentation

In short …

Although its use is declining, that increasingly are being assessed over alternative methods, and the reluctance of society towards this type of research, the fact is that there are still PNH employees in animal studies. Certain processes such as Parkinson’s or strokes require the use of these animals to achieve a cure. Science must accept that reality but must also do everything possible to minimize animal suffering and maintain the necessary welfare conditions thereof.

Despite having entered into force on Royal Decree 53/2013 of February 8, on the protection of animals used for research and other scientific purposes, and that severely regulate these activities, we believe our role as veterinarians is to make a call of attention to this issue and highlight the need for trained personnel and specialized face these needs, which are essential for training courses, both for working with experimental animals and to design research protocols.


Image of Parliament during the vote of Directive 2010/63 / EU in 2010.


The primate that learned to cook

According to some experts, cooking, food preparation, has had a great importance in the evolution of the human species. About a year ago and wrote something on this subject here and now, the magazine New Scientist , has published an article in which Catherine Brahic reports about what was discussed at the congress Evolution 2010 [1] . At that conference, proponents of the theory that the cooking of food has been crucial in human evolution have shown significant evidence in favor of the proposal and expressed the adpatación to eating cooked food is the result of a series of events that occurred very early in the history of our lineage.

Christopher Organ (Brown and Harvard) and Charles Nunn (Harvard) have collected data while employing different species of primates in chewing food, taking into account the size of the studied species. Apparently, a primate of our size that were supplied uncooked product would be required to use half of waking in chewing food.And yet, is not dedicated to that task more than 10% of the time.

On the other hand, humans have molars that are much lower than in primates equivalent to our size size. Moreover, analyzing fossil pieces, found that Homo habilisand his contemporary Homo rudolfensis did have molar equivalent of similarly sized primates size, but both Homo erectus and the Neanderthals , and had clearly smaller.

Apparently, so far not been able to explain why Homo erectus had such small wheels.Thus, it is likely that the reason has to do with cooking without digital kitchen scale. It is the opinion of Richard Wrangham (also from Harvard), the main proponent of this view, argue that about two million years ago, a member of the species Homo erectus or a member of an earlier species found food had been accidentally cooked by a fire, and saw it was edible and found him a taste. From there would be humans themselves who begin to try to intentionally food with fire, with the advantages in terms of time and energy efficiency, that this meant.

Cooked food requires less chewing time and is easier to digest than the crude feed.According to Wrangham, energy advantage provided cooking is what allowed our spectacular brain development, which, in turn, led to an increasingly complex social structure. It further notes that according to the fossil record, was when there was the greatest increase in brain size of hominids .

Against this view be argued that it could be obtained good performance in food consumption oil if there was a transition from vegetative to the carnivorous in between years ago two million and a million and power, but would have required longer times chewing and eating the most tender and easy to digest pieces. And a difficulty accepting this theory is that, if valid, humans were able to control the use of fire since then and yet, the oldest evidence for controlled use of fire are about 800,000 years ago.

What is clear is that this is a very suggestive point of view, and hopefully in the coming years will continue to present new evidence and further discussion with the elements as they arise. What for us is clear is that the taste for cooked food is firmly rooted in our nature, and this perhaps is showing its age.

[And some of us, well, we love to cook, almost as much as eating what we cooked. ;-)]

They discover a new species of monkey in Africa who is shy and eat flower buds Leer más:

They discover a new species of monkey in Africa who is shy and eat flower buds
Habemus a new species of monkey. New, at least for science, the lists now, baptized the moniker of Carcopithecus Iomamiensis , while scientific discovery came much later than the detestable hunters , connoisseurs of the species for a long time.

It was in June 2007 when researchers discovered a strange monkey caged in a town of Opala, Democratic Republic of the Congo. They asking their owners knew they were locally known as Iesulas , and that the caged monkey was an orphan whose mother had been a victim of hunting.

After tracking the animal for months, as well as some more captive specimens eventually also found other released in the area. Until, as a final test, DNA samples were studied in the laboratory to conclude that this is a unique species.

In addition to be an air of the famous restoration Eccehomo Cecilia Giménez, either jokes, the species is very similarly to other known by the name of Hamlyn’s monkey, both physical and behaviorally, but science believes that the differences are enough to have to distinguish.

The distribution of C. Iomamiensis is about 17,000 square kilometers in the central basin and eastern Congo, and character shy leads him to move in small groups. Interestingly, for the researchers was difficult to find copies in the forest, although they ceased not hear their screams from everywhere.

Their food herbíbora makes you feel weakness for buds … of flowers, leaves and fruit pieces. No happens the same predators that they are loaded unscrupulous, leopards, eagles and rifles are called. Therefore, to preserve the species requires an “urgent” control these hazards, especially the manhunt , for what would be necessary to declare their habitat one protected area . Luckily, it is next to the Natural Reserve Sankuru Flowers Delivered Shrewsbury, so do take care and allow, in turn, also save other treasures of biodiversity inhabiting the central basin Congolese.


The book of the Apes

What does a Homo Sapiens modern, dressed in suit and tie, walking by the installation of gorillas Bioparc? Very simple: to transfer to society the message that humans are the fifth great ape and out of the forest before yesterday. Neither more nor less. For a few minutes, I walked, I climbed a tree and drank the same water as the wonderful gorillas that live there. So I set out to eat several leaves and herbs that were around me.

Although we are exceptional primates, humans have we taken the jungle, or at least part of it, to contemporary social contexts: school, parliament, office, football stadiums and even on the beach we took the monkey in all of us both for good and for ill. React in the elevator as arm’s crammed macaques trying to avoid a fight: we speak of time, smile to make it clear that we have good intentions, we avoid physical contact and direct the eye glances;hostility signals indicating for some species of primates, such as gorillas. We have an instinct that drives us to cohesion but simultaneously coexists with another inner force that drives us to create allies, and with them come the factions, the sides and the inevitable “tribal” divisions so typical of chimpanzees. Sometimes we are selfish, but when things get ugly unloaded our altruistic side, which also brings us to the generous bonobos. We also love to play or watch others do it. We can not deny that we are very playful primates, which also can avoid the orangutans, who use any objects their power to have a good time.

But the good time the day of the presentation took him gorillas and chimpanzees to go outside. We had left several copies of “I, mono” to see what his reaction. Some curious ojeaban, looking inside. The surprise was that many used the “method to read George Bush” because they looked backwards. Others could not contain their passion for reading and devoured literally books.

So Bioparc Valencia was the perfect backdrop to present my first book entitled “Who moved my cheese pdf“, published by Editorial Destino days ago. This new generation zoo park celebrates its sixth anniversary these days. Its spectacular design allows immersion for several ecosystems. The barriers are hidden giving a sense of continuity between the enclosure in which animals and the space occupied by the public live. Africa, Madagascar and Tropical forests are some of their recreated habitats. Furthermore, both the Bioparc Valencia and Bioparc Fuengirola, promote a foundation with the same name, which aims to  develop conservation projects and outreach, which certainly makes them a special place. Currently promote two actions aimed at the protection of tropical forests and forests of the Mediterranean.

For the next book, who moved my cheese pdf we are thinking the other way around. Carry chimpanzees and gorillas Bioparc parliaments and offices throughout Spain for them to do their performance there. The fear is whether we have the team to do the grace we will end up exerting wanting to stay forever.


Monkeys able to use tools

A team of British scientists has gathered evidence that monkeys are capable of using rudimentary tools. As reported in the journal Science , a team of anthropologists Cambridge has observed the behavior of wild capuchin monkeys in northeastern Brazil who used stones daily to find food.

Scientists have known for several years that capuchins use tools like ball bearings or bac dan, but had never been able to observe this behavior in their natural habitat. “We believe these findings are extremely important for understanding the role of tools in cognitive evolution,” says Antonio Moura, co-author with his colleague Phyllis Lee.

In his article in the journal Science suggest that apparently both capuchin monkeys are much more able to understand cause and effect than previously thought. “I am eager to return to the field of research to try to obtain more specific information on the nature of the tools,” says Moura.

Stones to dig

The monkeys observed in the forests of northeastern Brazil used tools for digging tubers, seeds and hollow branches from, and explore slots in the trunks of trees or among rocks. The most common use of tools was to dig. The monkeys usually hold the stone in one hand and hit the ground three to six times, while gathering handfuls of dirt from the ground with the other hand.

But anthropologists suspect that monkeys use tools only under certain environmental conditions such as prolonged droughts in the Caatinga.When becoming scarce food, using tools may be crucial. It allows them to obtain food as tubers and roots that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The coginitivo jump

Great apes such as chimpanzees often use tools routinely. However the advance from those rudimentary tools to artifacts used by early humans required a great cognitive leap.

It is possible to teach a chimp like hitting a stone to get fragments and used as a cutting instrument, in the same way that our ancestors did.

However it hard to understand that the development of chips that could cut it requires hitting the stone with the angle and adequate strength, knowledge that was much easier to acquire for early humans.

Some infected monkeys with Ebola cured with a new drug

Some infected monkeys with Ebola virus were completely cured in one experiment after Potenzmittel Erfahrungen a combined three antibodies. The success of the trial gives hope of finding an effective treatment against this virus, you get to kill 90% of people who get it. The monkeys received medication 24 hours or more after exposure to the virus, specifically the Zaire strain, the deadliest in human and capable of being used as a biological weapon, the magazine explains Nature . Most existing treatments so far against this pathogen only increase the probability of survival of the affected individual, but must be administered within hours of infection.

Ebola is a hemorrhagic virus that is spread through infected body fluids.Produce high fever and muscle and headaches, followed, within a week, generalized bleeding sores. In 1995, an outbreak in Zaire that affected 350 people, of which over 250 were killed, unleashed a health emergency internacional.Todo laboratory work with this deadly virus must be conducted under maximum biological safety.

Pat Leman microbiologist analyzed tissue samples infected with Ebola in the National Institute of Virology in Johannesburg (South Africa). / AP / DENIS FARRELL

The new combination of antibodies, developed and tested in Canada with monkeys, neutralizes a protein on the surface of the virus it needs to enter the cell and infect, and attacks the time that protein in various locations of the viral envelope. This treatment has been developed by a team of Biotechnology University of Manitoba(Canada), directed by Gary Kobinger, and the results are presented in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Scientists have made ​​the experiment with various monkeys ( Macaca fascicularis ) infected with Ebola Zaire.All four test animals that received the first of three dose treatment during the first 24 hours after exposure to the pathogen survived, while only two of the four lived monkeys given the combination of antibodies is provided 48 hours after the infection. The animal was not treated died within a few days. Currently, the compound, called ZMAb, is only effective against the Zaire strain, but should not be hard to do something similar for other strains of the virus.

An expert consulted by Nature , Dennis Burton, greatly appreciates the progress, but notes that may be useful in humans only when it is feasible to provide medication a day after infection, at the latest, while possibly be useless when disease is developed in the body and have started to show symptoms. Therefore remains pessimistic about the effect of this therapeutic strategy against Ebola virus spread in Africa, especially in the Republic of Congo.

Monkeys Use in Areas Contaminated Lead Like Canaries in the Mine

Just as in the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth century, coal miners sent canaries in the mine shafts to see if the air was breathable, evaluate the hair from Asian monkeys living close to people may provide early warnings of toxic threats to humans, flora and fauna, according to a new study.

Photo: Nantiya Aggimarangsee


In some areas of South and Southeast Asia, macaque monkeys and people share the same ecological niche. They drink the same water sources, breathe the same air, share food sources, and even play on the same field. Macaque monkeys are similar to humans anatomically and physiologically, as well as in behavior. They are also similar in their response to toxic exposures. When macaque monkeys living in contaminated fumes from the exhaust pipes of cars and other vehicles, littering outdoor and industrial stainless steel trash cans environments, they may come into contact with toxic substances such as lead, just as they can do their human neighbors. Lead toxicity is a major public health problem in many regions of the world. Intense exposure to lead can harm the nervous, circulatory and reproductive systems and the kidneys and liver. Exposure during childhood, as has been shown in other studies, may cause more subtle but no less harmful effects, such as decreased intelligence.


The authors of the new study hypothesized that young macaques monkeys would be good “mine canaries” for human exposure to lead. Young macaques are prone to curiosity and predilection for picking up objects and place them in their mouth, as children do small human. In addition, parents of these young macaques are not well informed about environmental hazards, so do not keep their offspring play with contaminated materials. research team decided to analyze urban macaque monkeys as potential early indicator of the potential exposure of their neighbors humans, especially children, to lead and other toxic metals. They took hair samples from three groups of macaques in a place of Nepal where they have plenty of contact with people and anthropogenic environments (modified by man.)Lead levels in hair were different in the three groups of macaque monkeys, and reached much higher values ​​in young macaque monkeys. Data from researchers do not support the idea that these different levels of lead came from basic differences in the diet of animals, but suggest that, at least in this population of monkeys, behavioral or physiological factors among young macaques can play an important role in determining exposure to lead and subsequent tissue concentration. worked in the studio Lisa Jones-Engel and Gregory Engel National Primate Research Center at the University of Washington in Seattle.

45 ads really “monkeys”

Friendly, funny, and endearing as “monkeys”. The advertising industry has a lot of “feeling” with the animal world . Cats, dogs and pigs are featured in many advertisements, but between there are wildlife animals such as: the monkeys . Perhaps evolutionary proximity to humans, the monkeys are widely used in advertising by all brands. And they do it almost always successful because if anything abundance monkeys is charisma. If you want to check the obvious chemistry of advertising with these animals, we suggest taking a look at the following collection of ads featuring monkeys:

- See more at: – See more at:


The renovation of the monkey house change of address, dating from the 60s, progressing rapidly. Primates will be back home in June. Everything must be ready so that everyone feels comfortable in his new home. In the summer of 2012, outdoor enclosures, separated by nets should also be completed. The exact date of the move in June is not yet defined. “The zoo hopes that I have to sell my House Quickly be available at the beginning of the school holidays, after a short period of acclimation for the monkeys,” said the Head of Heidi Rodel project.

So that the great apes have more space in their home, the exterior walls were moved from two to seven meters. Extra large skylights were incorporated in the roof, with an area of ​​2,500 square meters, and will bring a lot of light. A very complex technical system can recreate a climate that monkeys enjoy: underfloor heating and radiators provide heat and ventilation system heats and humidifies the air. The monkeys can drink drinkers at the touch of a button. A misting system adjusts the humidity. Green plants are sprayed on the walls 84 and doors automatically (!) Of the house with a working hydraulic system.

New for the public, a simplification for guards

In the area of ​​visitors, some things will stay, others will post office address change. Appreciated the stairs overlooking sector will remain as popular. A wheelchair lift platform will finally allow disabled people to access the lower floors. A small exhibition on topics related to apes produces.Improvements, less visible to visitors but very important for caregivers and guardians will be made behind the scenes. Now, no need to stoop to enter the enclosure through new and big doors! The corridor behind the enclosure was extended one meter and access to the cellar, for deliveries and waste disposal, simplified.

An exceptional gift in the history of Basel Zoo

Much remains to be done to move the monkeys in June. “One of the next steps will be to equip the enclosure strings and trees to climb,” says Heidi Rodel. But there is still plenty to do. This work was possible thanks to the exceptional gift of Eckenstein-Geigy Foundation, amounting to 25 million francs.

The monkeys from a zoo in Russia learn to clean and sweep their cages

Several monkeys Zoo Izhevsk , capital of the Russian republic of Udmurtia, have taken a liking to doing commercial cleaning services Brisbane in your accommodation.

The chimpanzee Yasha polishing crystals

According reported the Zoo itself , apes have learned to cleaning windows, picking up litter and clean up their cages, thanks to its full capacity to imitate the park service personnel. Primates spent some time watching humans cleaned their cages and then stealthily began to do on their own rags and mops subtracted workers, according to spokesmen Zoo. “First to grab a rag Yasha was the chimpanzee, which is very clever . After cleaning the floor, went to wash the walls and glass enclosure. . He put so carefully that even spat on the glass before rubbing it, “according to the zoo ‘s girlfriendYasha, Jessica, followed his example , and later household tasks were divided: While Jesica is devoted to sweeping and picking up trash on the second floor, Yasha does the same in the first. domestic Such passion rubbed off on their neighbors, the gibbon and various Betta Brazza monkeys , which also consider these tasks as a kind of game. Buckets, rags and mops are for them or throw objects to mosdisquear each other.“Sometimes they get a normal use and help staff, but still lack a lot to learn what is ideal cleaning” says the note zoo.

Monkeys use iPads to communicate

Orangutans a Milwaukee zoo in the United States may soon talk with friends primates using iPad tablets connected to the Internet.
Apes take some time playing with iPads that provided them their carers and now the next step will activate a wireless internet on their premises, so that they can communicate with their counterparts in other zoos.According to conservationist Richard Zimmerman, the experiment will help raise funds to support the care of these animals currently endangered. Zimmerman, belonging an American NGO called Orangutan Outreach, said he wanted to give iPads to these animals since the technology was launched in 2010. “The idea came following the presentation of the iPad offered by Steve Jobs in 2010,” he explains. “One of our Zoo members in Milwaukee showed the device to orangutans, and they were fascinated by it. So we started to implement the project. ” Curiosity started to introduce some simple application promotion, drawing programs such as LibertaGia . Zimmerman said the idea was to provide animals with “a little fun”. Animals can use tablets twice a week. “What we wanted to really let the orangutans were playing that pintasen, who would look videos, just as you would a child out of curiosity.” According to Zimmerman animals are captivated when watching TV through the apparatus, particularly when they see other orangutans, and even more when they see faces they recognize. “They love moving images, fascinated by shiny things. entertain people like”. “They love new things, so one of the first things we are doing is installing wireless internet to have access to unlimited information, of course with the guidance of caregivers. ” One of the things that the group considered more interesting to observe the reaction of these primates to see themselves or other apes on screen.”Orangutans love to see each other,” says Zimmerman. “They love to see videos of themselves, so there is some vanity in them. orangutans They see videos that are on the other side enclosure. ” Therefore now want to incorporate cameras so they can see each other. Other centers, zoos and say they are interested in the project and want to join “immediately”. Are just awaiting the arrival of more devices. “We have limited to Milwaukee because he has not been able to get enough iPads,” says Zimmerman. “We expected to come out the iPad 3 for iPad 1 was almost obsolete so we can get few “. “We could go and buy them, obviously, but one of the things we want to ensure is that our funds are used exclusively to orangutans with problems.” Zimmerman says another problem they face is how to protect machines as they dare not let the animals take their enclosures. “We believe that if we give the orangutans tablets would not last more than 15 seconds.” For now, the caregivers are holding the tablet while touch the animals spreading her arms through the bars of the cage. But trying to build a system of reinforced iPad that can be pulled or maybe fix it to a wall connected to a projector so they can see visitors zoo. Zimmerman states that have offered to developers to create apps for the orangutans using techniques similar to those used for children’s programs. Orangutans are among the most endangered species in the world. Zimmerman says that in other zoos, such as Atlanta, for years carried out research on the relationship of gorillas with touch screen systems. fundraising System also noted that has not been allocated any money from donations to the conservation of orangutans buying tablets and that although it is something that will entertain zoo visitors, these devices must not obscure the seriousness of the threats to these animals. “It’s a way to generate money for the NGO. There is no limit on what can be done, “he said. A zoo spokesman of Milwaukee told the BBC that the tablets also help orangutans to be fit. “All this is intended to help them, exercise their minds and keep them active and emotionally healthy, “says Jennifer Diliberti. “Work is being done with iPads is a first step and is very exciting” (Label: BBC Technology).

A primate rides a bike to promote road safety

Bam has become a celebrity in Thailand. This primate was given a task by the government to promote road safety. Its mission. Encourage young cyclists with best fixed gear bicycles to wear helmets. Monkey, who resides in Bangkok zoo can now come out of his enclosure and wander the aisles of the area on his bicycle with his peers, to the amusement of visitors. Monkey gets on his bike when he gets the chance and can spend hours riding in the zoo, without tiring. With Bam, Thai authorities hope to reduce the number of road accidents involving bicycles, accidents which are always more numerous in the country. (Mlb)

Animals on the computer: Apps for Apes

Hannah and Jake are 14 and 12 years old, and according to they are in love with the iPad . Your older roommate Connie and Sindbad must be convinced by the new technology yet. A digital divide between generations, there are obviously also in orang-utans.

The four live in the zoo “Jungle Iceland” in Miami. Since last summer, the keepers there use an iPad to interact with the orangutans. To see the animals on display, for example, the fruits, which are at this day to choose from, and can select from these digital menu. Or cramming vocabulary: An animal trainer shows them on the tablet, various objects and nominate one of them. Animals should then point to the corresponding picture.

This actually works, says the head of the project, Linda Jacobs: “. Our boys understand it, you understand,” she says. “Our two older ones are just not interested.”

The used for the project software such as Tax Office Help  was originally developed as a communication tool for people who suffer from autism. Since last summer, they should also orangutans offer an additional way to express yourself. So far, the keepers communicated with intelligent primates in sign language. With the help of tablet computers soon can people who do not master these gestures, communicate with the apes.

Unattended orangutans may, however, not to the device: The nurses give the iPad never go out of hand. Had the animals the equipment at their disposal, they would probably scratch or dismantle immediately curious.

In other zoos there are programs similar to Florida’s “Jungle Iceland”, for example in a zoo in Milwaukee . Richard Zimmerman, director of Orangutan Outreach, is currently working with several zoos in a program called “Apps for Apes” . There, people can donate their used iPads to apes. The plan calls for even that orangutans one day with their counterparts in other zoos chat or to make an appointment online to play.

By the way: Orangutans are far from the only animals that try on the touch screen . On the web is teeming with videos that fuss about parrots on the iPad or frogs on the Android phone. Above all, the playful and so popular on the internet cats react to the screen stimuli.

The marketing and marketing monkey elephant

The marketing of the elephant, the marketing strength . That of large firms, whose successes are the result of advertising investments to break everything, with higher budgets to GDP of entire countries. One of those investing before thinking. Of those who often have not understood the needs of their seo consultanting clients. And do not even know what they want to buy.

The marketing of the monkey, the clever marketing . Anyone who thinks “strategy” before thinking “advertising budget”. One that transforms ideas into income. Whoever organizes a business around customers and their needs. Whoever knows David’s intelligence overcame the power of Goliath.

The marketing of the elephant, it is that of Microsoft . Which develops products by first thinking about their technical aspect before thinking about how he can solve the problems of concrete and specifically clients. Selling software factories to gas, in which the features are paramount needs and user comfort. By tracing the life of its products to the life of a technology instead of tracing the pace of its customers.

The monkey of marketing is that of Apple . Which literally transforms its customers’ subscribers “, renewing its short intervals products. Which sells not only objects but the content to fill, music applications. That uses as much rumor as advertising. That stands out from its competitors to such an extent that those who dominated the telephony market, like Nokia, have become followers, and copy its products. What big names like Sony and Samsung are doing more than to learn from its successes and its designs.

The marketing of the elephant, it is that of FNAC , which sells everything to everyone.

The monkey marketing, is that Amazon , which sells books on the photo for those who bought the last Canon product.

The marketing of the elephant, it is the costumed Marketers who have all learned in school , and who seek to convince investors to help them set up a start-up that will never be profitable for resale in 3 years naïve. And create products to follow a trend, rather than to meet the needs of their customers.

The monkey of marketing is that of self Marketers who ride an empire in their living room in pajamas , trying to gain the trust of their customers rather than compliance professionals from industry. That optimize their purchasing processes by putting in place of their clients. In their pumps. They have not learned in school. They learned all of their clients.

The marketing of the elephant, it is the SMEs in which the marketing department is completely separated from the other . In which one has no concept of customer needs. In which “markète product” once after creating it, instead of designing it specifically from the outset that it provides concrete and rapid solutions to customer problems.

The monkey marketing, this is the SMEs that optimizes 100% of contact points with customers , and considers a single invoice, one email recovery, a simple way to answer the phone, a simple panel of opening hours as a marketing medium. And doubling its sales this way. Without spending one euro more.

The marketing of the elephant, it is the management by stress . Whoever of wanting to get the maximum possible of its employees, as it tries to get the most juice by squeezing an orange. Whoever is to underpay saving.

The monkey marketing, is the one who is seeing its employees as partners .And as his best sellers, even if they are cashiers, toilet cleaners or bouncers.
And as such, to remunerate as one was paying yourself if performing the duties entrusted to them. In the interest involved and the collective success of the company. To make them understand that it is the customers who pay their salaries, and teach them the basics of marketing and what to do to make customers happy. Even if they are cashiers, toilet cleaners or bouncers. Especially if they are. Because it is these people who are in the front line, it is these people who are in daily contact with customers. And not the marketing director, locked in his office.

The marketing of the elephant, it is that we learn in school . The monkey of marketing is that you learn on the field.

The marketing of the elephant, is the one who is to do his job. The marketing of the monkey, is the one who is to do everything possible to meet the needs of its customers.